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Tourism Signs

Standard Rural Motorist Services

Standard Rural Motorist Service signs are directional signs for rural enterprises or organizations that provide front line motorist services or operate recreational/cultural facilities. The facility must be located outside the incorporated limits of an urban community and beyond the boundaries of a national, provincial or regional park.

The signs are located on the provincial highway that is adjacent to the service or facility.


Standard Rural Motorist Services - Advance

The Advance signing assembly will consist of:

  • Symbols of the eligible services/facilities that are provided; (the applicant may select a maximum of two symbols)
  • Name tab
  • A next left/right directional tab
  • A distance tab


The Advance signing assembly will consist of:

  • Symbols of the eligible services/facilities that are provided; (the applicant may select a maximum of two symbols)
  • Name tab
  • A next left/right directional tab
  • A distance tab

Tourism Information Radio

Tourism Information Radio is another means by which communities can promote the various attractions available in the community to potential visitors. Tourism Information Radio is not intended to compete with commercial radio stations, but rather be a public service for motorists.

For the purposes of this signing opportunity the Tourist Information Radio will only transmit information regarding recreational activities, cultural events, special attractions or displays, coming events, local histories or public service announcements.

Point of Interest

The points of interest signs indicate a location that may be historic, scenic or scientific significance to the motoring public.

These classifications are:

  • Scientific - the point of interest is either of geological, geographical, or paleontological in nature
  • Scenic - the point of interest includes points such as valleys, waterfalls, lakes, or rivers
  • Historic - an old settlement/building or an important historic event which occurred in the location

At the point of interest site, there must be a turn-out available so vehicles are able to pull over and view the site.

Standard Rural Motorist Services Application Form

Optional Rural Motorist Service

The Optional Signing Program provides an opportunity for the applicant to identify the name of an enterprise or organization and inform the motorist of the services/facilities that are available.


Optional Rural Motorist Service

Advance signing will consist of the Service/Facility sign, which provides:

  • Name of the enterprise or organization and directional information (next left/right)
  • Signing installed two kilometres in advance of the access when practical
  • An applicant may select from an approved list of symbols (a maximum of two rows of symbols to be attached below the Service/Facility sign


The Access signing assembly will consist of:

  • A repeat of the advance primary service symbol
  • Name tab
  • A directional arrow
  • A distance tab, if the service/facility is not visible from the highway

Rest Area

The Rest Area sign may be utilized for designated off-road locations to allow motorists to rest, change drivers, and/or check vehicle loads. Additional benefits for motorists are relief from extended travel periods, increased comfort and convenience, and locations for public agencies to communicate with travellers.

Optional Rural Motorist Service Application Form

Tourism Area Gateway

A Tourism Gateway Area is an area of recreational/cultural interest for the motoring public. The Tourism Area Gateway signing provides an opportunity for the Tourism Area to have signs installed to assist visitors in locating the area and may identify some of the motorist services and/or recreational/cultural facilities available.

The motorist services or recreational/cultural facilities will meet the requirements of all applicable agencies as well as meeting all provincial operating requirements, municipal zoning and other regulations.

Tourism Area Gateway Application Form

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