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Ministry of Justice

Court House

The Ministry of Justice provides a fair justice system that upholds the law and protects the rights of all individuals in Saskatchewan; promotes safe and secure communities; and provides legal and justice policy advice to government.

The Saskatchewan Ministry of Justice does not provide legal advice, legal research, or interpretation of legislation or regulations as it may apply to a person's particular circumstances. For general information on the law in Saskatchewan, visit the Public Legal Education Association of Saskatchewan's (PLEA) website. For legal advice or assistance, please contact a lawyer.

You may also qualify for one of the following programs:


1. Information you might be looking for

Carbon Tax Challenge

Learn about the Province of Saskatchewan's Factum, the Court of Appeal Intervention Order and the Order in Council regarding the carbon tax challenge.

Child Support

The Maintenance Enforcement Office registers support orders and agreements, monitors payments and takes enforcement action when required payments are missed or late.

Commissioner for Oaths or Notary Public

A Commissioner for Oath can administer oaths on documents for use in Saskatchewan. A Notary Public can sign passport documents and certify copies of birth certificates and other documents. 

Landlord and Tenant Information - Office of Residential Tenancies

Learn the rights and responsibilities of landlords and tenants.

Marriage Commissioners and Licences

Find a marriage commissioner and licence requirements to get married in Saskatchewan.

Pay a Provincial Fine

Pay a provincial fine such as a traffic violation online or in person.

Public Complaints Commission

Make a complaint about the conduct of any member of a municipal police service in relation to his or her duty.

Public Prosecutions Policies and Other Documents

These policies give insight into Public Prosecutions' approach and give information regarding how prosecutors make various decisions. You will also find documents related to breath testing.

Service on the Crown or Attorney General

Here you will find a list of solicitors employed by the Ministry of Justice who can accept service of documents on behalf of the Attorney General of Saskatchewan.


2. Plans and Annual Reports

Plan for 2020-21

The plan for 2020-21 reflects the government's goals of sustaining growth and opportunities for Saskatchewan people, meeting the challenges of growth, securing a better quality of life for all Saskatchewan people and delivering responsive and responsible government.

For previous ministry plans, please visit Prior Year Plans, Reports and Guiding Documents.

Annual Reports

The Ministry of Justice's 2019-20 Annual Report presents the ministry's activities and results for the fiscal year ending March 31, 2020. It reports to the public and elected officials on public commitments made and other key accomplishments of the ministry.

Previous fiscal year annual reports from the Ministry of Justice can be found by visiting the Publications Centre.


3. Programs and services

Court Services

Information on the Aboriginal Courtworker Program, court dates, paying a provincial fine, pardons and trial transcripts.

Victims of Crime

Information and programs for those who are victims of crime or abuse.

Interpersonal Violence and Abuse

Information on emergency shelters for women and children, sexual assault services, and family outreach services that provide women and their children access to shelters and other important services.

Justice, Crime and the Law

Information on a range of services that promote safety in Saskatchewan communities.

Office of Residential Tenancies

Information on the rights and responsibilities of landlords and tenants.

Missing Persons

Assistance for families and those working with families in missing persons cases.

Wills and Estates

The Public Guardian and Trustee protects the interests of vulnerable people by administering the financial affairs of children under the age of 18, a dependent adult or a deceased person.

Articling Program

The Ministry of Justice offers graduating law students a well-rounded articling experience.

Saskatchewan Coroners Service

Responsible for the investigation of all sudden, unexpected and unnatural deaths in the province.

Publications Centre

Online resource for all government publications including Justice documents and legislation as well as other Saskatchewan publications.


4. Ministers and managers

Hon. Don Morgan Q.C.
Hon. Don Morgan Q.C., Minister and Attorney General

Minister's Office

Phone 306-787-5353
Fax 306-787-1232
Email jus.minister@gov.sk.ca
Mailing Address Room 355, Legislative Building, 2405 Legislative Drive, Regina, SK, Canada, S4S 0B3
Clint Fox, Chief of Staff

Minister's Office

Phone 306-787-5353
Fax 306-787-1232
Email clint.fox@gov.sk.ca
Mailing Address Room 355, Legislative Building, 2405 Legislative Drive, Regina, SK, Canada, S4S 0B3
J. Glen Gardner Q.C., Deputy Minister of Justice and Deputy Attorney General

Deputy Minister's Office

Phone 306-787-5351
Fax 306-787-3874
Email Glen.Gardner@gov.sk.ca
Mailing Address 1000 - 1874 Scarth Street, Regina, SK, Canada, S4P 4B3
Shannon Williams, Executive Assistant to the Deputy Minister

Deputy Minister's Office

Phone 306-787-6268
Fax 306-787-3874
Email shannon.williams@gov.sk.ca
Mailing Address 1000 - 1874 Scarth Street, Regina, SK, Canada, S4P 4B3
Glennis Bihun, Executive Director

Court Services

Phone 306-787-0991
Fax 306-787-8737
Email glennis.bihun@gov.sk.ca
Mailing Address 1010 - 1874 Scarth Street, Regina, SK, Canada, S4P 4B3
Kylie Head Q.C., Assistant Deputy Attorney General

Innovation Division

Phone 306-787-8220
Fax 306-787-3874
Email kylie.head@gov.sk.ca
Mailing Address 1000 - 1874 Scarth Street, Regina, SK, Canada, S4P 4B3
Dave Tulloch, Assistant Deputy Minister, Corporate Services

Corporate Services Division

Phone 306-787-5472
Fax 306-787-5830
Email Dave.Tulloch@gov.sk.ca
Mailing Address 1100 - 1874 Scarth Street, Regina, SK, Canada, S4P 4B3
Jan Turner, Assistant Deputy Minister

Courts and Tribunals Division

Phone 306-787-5112
Fax 306-787-8737
Email jan.turner@gov.sk.ca
Mailing Address 1010 - 1874 Scarth Street, Regina, SK, Canada, S4P 4B3
Drew Wilby, Assistant Deputy Minister

Community Engagement Division

Phone 306-787-5883
Fax 306-798-4064
Email Drew.Wilby@gov.sk.ca
Mailing Address 12th Floor, 1874 Scarth Street, Regina, SK, Canada, S4P 4B3
Linda Zarzeczny Q.C., Assistant Deputy Attorney General

Legal Services Division

Phone 306-787-8387
Fax 306-787-0581
Email Linda.Zarzeczny@gov.sk.ca
Mailing Address 900 - 1874 Scarth Street, Regina, SK, Canada, S4P 4B3
Noel Busse, Executive Director

Communications Branch

Phone 306-787-8959
Fax 306-798-4064
Email Noel.busse@gov.sk.ca
Mailing Address 1220 - 1874 Scarth Street, Regina, SK, Canada, S4P 4B3

5. Forms and Publications

You can find all publications and forms for the Ministry of Justice in the Publications Centre.


6. Legislation

The following acts and regulations are administered by the Ministry of Justice and are available in PDF format. The links below are provided with the consent of the Publications Saskatchewan pursuant to Government of Saskatchewan copyright policies. Printed copies of the legislation are also available through the Publications Saskatchewan website.

To order or subscribe, please visit Publications Saskatchewan. If you don't have Adobe Reader on your system, you can download it for free.

The Builders' Lien Act

The Business Corporations Act

The Land Titles Act, 2000

The Limitations Act

The Residential Tenancies Act, 2006

View the complete list of legislation administered by the Ministry of Justice, as well as regulations and summaries of the acts.


7. News releases

Read the ministry's most recent news releases

View All News Stories

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