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Ministry of Environment

Grass-covered hills, prairie grasses and small bodies of water

The Ministry of Environment provides science-based solutions, compliance and mitigation measures aimed at protecting the environment, safeguarding communities and helping to ensure balanced economic growth and a better quality of life for all Saskatchewan residents.


1. Information you might be looking for


Get information to purchase a hunting or trapping licence. Download the Hunters' and Trappers' Guide and supplements. Apply for a Draw or get findings on the most current hunter harvest survey.


Get information to purchase an angling licence. Download the Anglers' Guide. Learn about aquatic invasive species and learn about fisheries management and research.

Report Hazardous Spills

Report a spill, submit a 30-day written spill report, or search for hazardous facilities or past spill information.

Turn in Poachers and Polluters (TIPP)

Contact our 24-hour, seven-day-a-week TIPP service if you notice any fishing, wildlife, or environmental resource violations.

Licensing and Permitting

Access ministry permit and licence applications such as Sale of Wildlife, Mount and Retain, Crown Land Disposition and Competitive Fishing Event applications.


Access government maps and web mapping applications such as HABISask, Saskatchewan Interactive, and wildlife management zones.

Office Locations

Find the Ministry of Environment offices nearest to you.


2. Plans and annual reports

Plan for 2024-25

The plan for 2024-25 reflects the government's goals of sustaining growth and opportunities for Saskatchewan people, meeting the challenges of growth, securing a better quality of life for all Saskatchewan people and delivering responsive and responsible government.

For previous ministry plans, please visit Prior Year Plans, Reports and Guiding Documents.

Annual Reports

The Ministry of Environment's 2022-23 Annual Report presents the ministry's activities and results for the fiscal year ending March 31, 2023. It reports to the public and elected officials on public commitments made and other key accomplishments of the ministry.

Previous fiscal year annual reports can be found by visiting Prior Year Plans, Reports and Guiding Documents.


3. Programs and services

Access Environment Business Services

Create an account to submit notifications, permit applications and reports to Ministry of Environment. View and manage your work.

Hunting, Trapping and Angling

Purchase a licence. Apply for a draw or permit. Download guides and supplements. Learn about our hunting and wildlife surveys. Apply for funding. Get information on fish populations and management.

Hazardous Materials and Safe Waste Management

Report a spill or search for hazardous substance storage facilities or past spills. Find information on hazardous materials storage, hazardous waste and solid waste management.

Saskatchewan Waste Management

Learn how you can do your part by reducing waste and recycling.

Environmental Assessment

Find out if your project needs an assessment, what the process is, and apply if necessary.

Environmental Code

Learn about code chapters, standards and legislation, or submit an application to be designated as a qualified person to ensure code compliance.

Industrial Activities

Learn how the province protects the environment by supporting sound industrial activities.

Invasive Species

Invasive species can be intentionally introduced or unintentionally spread through recreational activities such as boating, hiking, fishing, transporting firewood, shipping materials, ballast water discharge and more.

Mineral Permits

Apply for permits for mining initiatives or projects in Saskatchewan.

Outdoor Air Quality

Get details on air quality monitoring, current readings in your community and the potential impacts from pollutants and vehicle emissions.

Forest Management

Learn about Saskatchewan's well-established forest industry. Download field guides and reports. Find out about forest management, planning and licensing. Get information about forest insects and diseases.

Land Management

Learn more on the province's land use planning and our Protected and Conserved areas network. Find out how to arrange for a conservation easement.

Crown Lands

Learn about Saskatchewan's Southern Conservation Land Management Strategy.

Purchase Crown Resource Land

Submit an application to purchase crown resource lands, which may be used under a lease, permit, easement or licence that allow the legal use of land.

Lease Crown Resource Land

Submit an application to lease Crown resource lands, which may be used under a lease, permit, easement or licence that allow the legal use of the land.

Wildlife Conservation

Learn about species at risk in Saskatchewan. Apply for a research permit to conduct surveys, research, or other activities to observe wildlife for scientific, academic or commercial activities.

Wildlife Issues

Learn what you can do if you are experiencing problems with wildlife, report fish and wildlife diseases, and find out how the province is addressing invasive species.

Guiding and Outfitting in Saskatchewan

Become a guide or outfitter in Saskatchewan. Apply or surrender an outfitter's licence.

Climate Resilience in Saskatchewan

Learn about Saskatchewan's climate change initiatives.


4. Ministers and managers

Hon. Christine Tell
Hon. Christine Tell, Minister

Minister's Office

Phone 306-787-0393
Fax 306-787-1669
Mailing Address Room 340, 2405 Legislative Drive, Regina, SK, S4S 0B3
Veronica Gelowitz, Deputy Minister

Deputy Minister's Office

Phone 306-787-2930
Mailing Address 5th Floor, 3211 Albert Street, Regina, SK, S4S 5W6
Kevin Murphy, Assistant Deputy Minister

Resource Management Division

Phone 306-787-8567
Mailing Address 5th Floor, 3211 Albert Street, Regina, SK, S4S 5W6
Wes Kotyk, Assistant Deputy Minister

Environmental Protection Division

Phone 306-787-5419
Mailing Address 5th Floor, 3211 Albert Street, Regina, SK, S4S 5W6
Rebecca Gibbons, Assistant Deputy Minister

Corporate Services and Policy Division

Phone 306-527-8836
Mailing Address 5th Floor, 3211 Albert Street, Regina, SK, S4S 5W6
Karen Webb, Executive Director

Communication and Client Service Branch

Phone 306-537-1160
Fax 306-787-3941
Mailing Address 5th Floor, 3211 Albert Street, Regina, SK, S4S 5W6
Aaron Wirth, Executive Director

Climate Resilience Branch

Phone 306-540-6801
Mailing Address 3rd Floor, 3211 Albert Street, Regina, SK, S4S 5W6
Miranda Carlberg, Executive Director

Environmental Protection Branch

Phone 306-527-1089
Mailing Address 3211 Albert Street, Regina, SK, S4S 5W6
Brady Pollock, Executive Director

Environmental Assessment & Stewardship

Phone 306-787-7603
Fax 306-787-0930
Mailing Address 4th Floor, 3211 Albert Street, Regina, SK, S4S 5W6
Krista Campbell, Executive Director

Business Support Services

Phone 306-520-7419
Mailing Address 5th Floor, 3211 Albert Street, Regina, SK, S4S 5W6
Jessica Kilbride, Executive Director

Lands Branch

Phone 306-787-2309
Fax 306-787-9544
Mailing Address 4th Floor, 3211 Albert Street, Regina, SK, S4S 5W6
Amy Carriere, Executive Director

Fish and Wildlife Branch

Phone 306-953-2205
Fax 306-953-2684
Mailing Address 5th Floor, 800 Central Avenue, Prince Albert, SK, S6V 6Z2
David Cobb, Executive Director

Forest Service Branch

Phone 306-961-3464
Fax 306-953-2360
Mailing Address 319 - 800 Central Avenue, Prince Albert, SK, S6V 6Z2
Nick Gan, Director

Budget and Reporting (BR) Branch

Phone 306-787-1259
Fax 306-787-8441
Mailing Address 332 - 3211 Albert Street, Regina, SK, S4S 5W6
Jenny Young, Executive Director

Financial and Property Management (FPM) Branch

Phone 306-798-3904
Fax 306-787-8441
Mailing Address 3rd Floor, 3211 Albert Street, Regina, SK, S4S 5W6
Jamie McGough, Executive Director

Strategic Management Services (SMS) Branch

Phone 306-540-9628
Mailing Address 5th Floor, 3211 Albert Street, Regina, SK, S4S 5W6

5. Forms and publications

Hunters and Trappers Guide

Learn what's new, licence fees, regulation summaries, wildlife zones and more. The guide is also available in French through the Publication Centre.

Anglers Guide

This guide provides an up-to-date synopsis of the limits, season dates, closed waters, regulations, new programs and other relevant information.

State of the Environment Report

Learn more about government's measurement of air, habitat, land and water.

You can find all publications for this ministry in the Publications Centre.


6. Legislation

The following acts and regulations are administered by the Ministry of Environment and are available in PDF format. The links below are provided with the consent of Office of the King's Printer pursuant to Government of Saskatchewan copyright policies. Printed copies of the legislation are also available through the Freelaw website. To order or subscribe, please visit the Freelaw website.

The Conservation Easements Act
Encourages private landowners, conservation organizations and governments to protect ecologically sensitive lands and natural areas through voluntary agreements.

The Ecological Reserves Act
Protects unique, natural ecosystems and landscape features through the designation of Crown land as ecological reserves.

The Environmental Assessment Act
Provides a practical means to ensure that development proceeds with adequate environmental safeguards and in a manner broadly understood by and acceptable to the public through the integrated assessment of environmental impact.

The Environmental Management and Protection Act, 2010
Protects the air, land and water resources of the province through regulating and controlling potentially harmful activities and substances.

The Fisheries Act (Saskatchewan), 1994
Enables sustainable management of fisheries resources by affirming provincial ownership of fish, creating a provincial licensing system, and regulating allocation of fish resources, fish marketing, aquaculture, sport fishing and commercial fishing.

The Forestry Professions Act
Establishes the Association of Saskatchewan Forestry Professionals, an organization independent of government and industry, responsible for ensuring that its members maintain required standards for competency and conduct.

The Forest Resources Management Act
Allows the ministry to implement a framework for sustainable management of Saskatchewan's forest resources.

The Hunting, Fishing and Trapping Heritage Act
Respects hunting, fishing and trapping best traditions as an important part of shaping Saskatchewan’s social, cultural and economic heritage.

The Management and Reduction of Greenhouse Gases Act
An Act respecting the management and reduction of greenhouse gases and adaptation to climate change.

The Natural Resources Act
(subject to OC 208/96) Establishes the province's mandate to manage, protect, conserve and develop renewable resources in a sustainable manner.

The Protection of the Wild Ponies of the Bronson Forest Act
Protects the wild ponies of the Bronson Forest Recreation site in Whelan, Saskatchewan.

The Provincial Lands Act
Creates authority for the management and transfer of Crown lands.

The Sale or Lease of Certain Lands Act
Gives Cabinet the ability to place conditions on the transfer or lease of lands listed in a schedule to this Act. 

The Wildlife Act, 1998
Provides for the management, conservation and protection of wildlife resources through the issuance and revocation of licences, the prosecution of wildlife offences and the establishment of annual hunting seasons.

The Wildlife Habitat Protection Act
Provides for the management, conservation and protection of wildlife lands and wildlife by preventing the sale and alteration of certain Crown lands.


7. News releases

Read the ministry's most recent news releases

View All News Stories

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