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Crown Resource Lands Purchases

The province administers more than 37 million hectares of Crown resource land, primarily in central and northern Saskatchewan, with some smaller holdings in the south. We manage Crown resource lands for the benefit of all people of Saskatchewan.


1. Guidance

The province administers the purchase of Crown resource lands.

  • Crown resource lands are typically thought of as wilderness areas, supporting forest ecosystems and wildlife, as well as containing wetlands, marshes and lakes.
  • Most of the Crown land in the southern portion of the province is administered by the Ministry of Agriculture because of its suitability for agricultural purposes.
  • Crown resource land does not include park land designated under The Parks Act.

In general, Crown land may be sold:

  • to an existing lessee; or
  • in response to an unsolicited development proposal.

2. Eligibility

For an existing lessee to purchase Crown resource lands

Certain categories of leased land may be available for purchase by the existing lessee only. In these instances, the lessee must make an application to potentially purchase the land.

The following types of leased land may be available for sale to the existing lessee:

  • recreational lots in surveyed cluster subdivisions identified by the province;
  • residential parcels used as a primary residence;
  • remote recreational and residential parcels (NEW December 2019);
  • commercial-use properties that have physical access via an all season, surveyed and registered road right of way; and 
    • located within the administrative boundary of a northern town, northern village or northern hamlet if located within the Northern Saskatchewan Administration District; or
    • comply with all applicable local or rural municipal zoning bylaws if located outside of the Northern Saskatchewan Administration District; or
    • located within a surveyed, cluster or community subdivision identified by the ministry.

There is no requirement to buy the land and lessees can continue leasing the property under a long-term lease.

For an unsolicited proposal to purchase Crown resource lands

  • The province receives unsolicited proposals for developments that include requests to purchase Crown lands.
  • These proposals are reviewed to ensure that environmental and resource impacts are considered before any development or sale takes place.
  • The province has not identified any specific priority areas for development.
  • The province will discuss development proposals and opportunities with potentially impacted stakeholders, local communities, First Nations and Métis people.
  • Attempts are made to reach a consensus that would lead to environmentally and socially acceptable economic opportunities.

To ensure transparency, information about proposals under active consideration will be posted on this website for at least 30 days before a final decision is made.


3. How To Apply

If you are an existing lessee in one of the eligible sale categories, complete an Application to Purchase Crown Land form and submit it to the Ministry of Environment land manager for your area. Contact information is provided below.

To submit an unsolicited development proposal involving Crown resource land, or for more information, contact the land manager for the proposed area.


4. Apply


5. Further Information

Crown resource land is sold at fair market value, as determined by a land appraisal or, in the case of remote recreational or residential parcels, by land appraisal reports used to determine land values.

Remote Recreational or Residential Leases

  • The purchase price for a remote recreational or residential parcel is $50,000 for a site within 500 metres of a water body and $35,000 for a site more than 500 metres from a waterbody, with the distance to be determined by the ministry. No appraisal is required for these disposition types.
  • These prices will remain in place until March 31, 2025, at which point the ministry will review land values.
  • Leases on islands or provincial park land are not available for purchase.
  • Only the lessee(s) listed on the current lease can apply to purchase the property.
  • The ministry will review applications as they are received. The review process will include analysis of provincial interests, which may mean that the land is not available for sale.  
  • Applicants should not take any further action until the ministry advises them that their application has been approved. Following approval, the lessee is responsible for a legal survey of the property and subsequent community planning approval, as well as all associated costs. Ministry staff can provide further information on the details of the approval process.  
  • The lessee must be in compliance with all terms of the lease in order to be eligible to purchase, including all accounts being up to date and all structures contained within the lease. 

Crown land requiring an appraisal

  • Currently, only remote recreational and residential Crown land leases have established sale prices. Appraisals are required for the sale of Crown land leases located within surveyed subdivisions.
  • Once it is confirmed that the leased parcel is eligible for sale, the ministry will provide a list of accredited land appraisers. The applicant will hire one of these appraisers to provide a report indicating the fair market value of the property. Appraisers set their own fees, which the applicant is responsible for paying.
  • If the ministry or applicant does not agree with the appraised market value, they may obtain another appraisal at their own cost.
  • The ministry reserves the right to approve re-appraisal of the land and determine the purchase price using the appraised value which is deemed to most closely represent current market values.
  • Most existing lots within cluster subdivisions are already surveyed and can be transferred using existing plans. Lands outside of subdivision developments and areas identified for new development projects may require surveying to establish parcel boundaries.
  • The applicant will be responsible for arranging for and paying the costs of having an accredited land surveyor prepare an appropriate legal survey, if one is required.
  • Applicants will be charged for site inspections, where required, along with administration fees.

Further Information

Lands Unit
Fish, Wildlife and Lands Branch
Ministry of Environment
4th Floor, 3211 Albert Street
Regina, SK  S4S 5W6

To find out which Ecological Management Specialist (EMS) district is appropriate for your request, check the interactive map.

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