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Pesticide Vendor Licence

A Pesticide Vendor is a person (or business) that sells pesticides to an end user.

Retail pesticide vendors that sell commercial and/or restricted class pesticides in Saskatchewan are required to have a Pesticide Vendor Licence.

If more than one outlet is maintained for the sale of pesticides, a separate licence is required for each outlet.

Every holder of a Pesticide Vendor Licence:

  • Shall employ at least one dispenser at each outlet covered by the Pesticide Vendor Licence;
  • Be responsible for the activities and actions of his or her employees in the safe handling, storage and transportation of pesticides; and
  • Provide employees with information on procedures for applying, handling, storing and transporting pesticides in a safe manner.

Vendor Licences must be posted or be immediately available at the retail pesticide outlet.

Record Keeping

Pesticide Vendors are responsible for keeping records of all pesticides sold by him or her, on forms that are acceptable to the Ministry of Agriculture, including:

  • the common name of the active ingredient of each pesticide sold, as indicated by the guarantee on its label; and
  • the quantity by weight or volume of each pesticide sold;
  • on the request of the Minister, provide true copies of the records required to the Minister before December 31 in the year in which the request is made; and

Every holder of a Pesticide Vendor Licence must retain all records for a period of not less than three years from the date it is made.

Pesticide Vendor Licenses are not transferable and are issued to a retail vendor as named on the application form.


The annual fee for a Pesticide Vendor Licence is $100. The term of the licence is one year from November 1 to October 31 each year.

Pesticide Vendor Licensing Requirements

The Pest Control Products (Saskatchewan) Act and Regulations, 2015 state in part that:

  • No person shall sell pesticides or offer to sell pesticides unless he is the holder of a licence issued by the Minister. This does not apply to the following:
    • any person who sells or offers to sell domestic control products, disinfectants, swimming pool bactericides, cleansers, deodorizers, laundry additives, soaps or sanitizers, bactericides used in cutting oils and fuels, algicides used in industrial cooling systems or wood preservatives, aerosol fly sprays, products that are registered for topical application for antiparasitic purposes;
    • a licensed pesticide applicator who sells at retail a pesticide that he or she applies in the course of his or her business;
    • a rural municipality selling or supplying rodenticides to ratepayers of the rural municipality; or
    • a veterinarian who sells or supplies a pesticide while engaged in or directing the treatment of an animal.
  • An applicant for a licence must be 18 years of age or older.
  • A pesticide vendor licence is valid until October 31 following the date of issue unless suspended or cancelled pursuant to the Act or the Regulations.
  • To operate a storage facility in Saskatchewan an approval number is required by The Hazardous Substances and Waste Dangerous Goods Regulations (HSWDGR).
  • A licence is issued to a person or a retail vendor named on the application form and is not transferable.
  • Every holder of a pesticide vendor licence shall keep records of all pesticides sold.
  • Any person who maintains more than one outlet must hold a separate licence for each outlet.
  • Every holder of a pesticide vendor licence shall provide employees with approved information on procedures for applying, handling, storing and transporting pesticides in a safe manner.
  • Every holder of a pesticide vendor licence is responsible for the actions of his or her employees in the safe handling, storage and transportation of pesticides.
  • Every holder of a pesticide vendor licence must employ at least one dispenser at each outlet.
  • A dispenser must be 18 years of age or older and have passed an approved training course.
  • Dispensers must pass an approved training course every five years.

New dispensers to Saskatchewan will be required to write the Saskatchewan legislation examination. Contact Saskatchewan Polytechnic at 306-775-7473 for more information.

How to Obtain a Licence

To obtain a licence, the applicant must complete a Pesticide Vendor Licence application form. The annual fee and a copy of the dispenser training certificate for a licence or licence renewal must accompany the application.

The Ministry of Agriculture will recognize valid dispenser training courses (taken within the last five years) offered by other provinces. First time dispensers to the province must write the Saskatchewan regulation exam.

Licence renewal forms are automatically mailed to licensed vendors 45 days prior to the expiry date as indicated on the licence.

Pesticide Vendor Licence Application Form

Mail completed application form to:

Saskatchewan Ministry of Agriculture
Crops and Irrigation Branch
Room 125, 3085 Albert Street
Regina, SK S4S 0B1

Or by email to: requesting to pay by credit card

Training Requirements

  • An applicant for a pesticide vendor licence must employ at least one dispenser at each outlet to be eligible to obtain a licence.
  • A dispenser must pass an approved training course every five years.
  • The ministry and Saskatchewan Polytechnic have agreed that all pesticide dispenser examinations must be written under the supervision of Saskatchewan Polytechnic personnel at any campus or Regional College location.

How to Apply For Training

  • Applicants will register for the dispenser course using an Application for Admission form, available from Saskatchewan Polytechnic. The appropriate material is packaged as an independent study course and sent to the registered student. Examinations are sent directly to the Saskatchewan Polytechnic campus or Regional College indicated by the student on their application form.
  • Applicants may complete the course at home at their own pace or attend a training course offered by Saskatchewan Polytechnic. Provided a minimum of 10 persons register as a group, classroom courses can be arranged through Saskatchewan Polytechnic at almost any location in the province.
  • Examinations are closed book format; Three hours will be the maximum time allowed to complete the examination.

To register for the dispenser course or to obtain more information regarding pesticide dispenser training, contact:

Saskatchewan Polytechnic
Agriculture Programs, Business Division
4500 Wascana Parkway, Box 556
Regina, SK S4P 3A3

1-866-467-4278 or 306-775-7473

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