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Pesticide Applicator Licence

In Saskatchewan, the Pest Control Products (Saskatchewan) Act requires any person wanting to purchase and use federally registered restricted or commercial class pesticides for hire or reward to hold a Saskatchewan Pesticide Applicator Licence.

Pesticides regulated under the Act include commercial and restricted class herbicides, fungicides, insecticides and vertebrate pest control products.

In most cases, any person can purchase and use domestic class pesticides and some commercial class insect repellents, rodent, insect and fly baits and aerosols. However, a person must hold a Saskatchewan Pesticide Applicator Licence if they are applying domestic class pesticides for hire or reward and/or if they employ a person that is paid a wage to apply pesticides as part of their job duties.

Some restricted and commercial class pesticides state on the label that users must hold a pesticide applicator licence or be pest control operators. Where the label states this or similar wording, then only a Saskatchewan Pesticide Applicator Licence holder can purchase and use the pesticide.

  • A Pesticide Applicator Licence ensures that applicators are knowledgeable in the application of the pesticides they are applying.
  • Pesticide applicators applying for an Aerial Pesticide Applicator Licence must indicate their Pilot's Licence Number.
  • A Pesticide Applicator Licence is required by farmers that conduct commercial pesticide application for hire or reward off-farm.
  • Pesticide Applicator Licences are not transferable and are issued to an individual as named on the application form.
  • Pesticide Applicators must have a licence in their possession when applying pesticides.

Direct Supervision

A licensed pesticide applicator "directly supervising" a pesticide application operation is responsible for the acts of those persons he or she is supervising. Direct supervision means that the licensed applicator is physically present at the application site throughout the entire application and that the persons being supervised are within visual and auditory hailing distance and not being supervised using cell phones, walkie talkies or any other electronic device.

Record Keeping

Every holder of a Pesticide Applicator Licence is responsible for keeping records on a daily basis of each operation he or she performs that involves pesticide use or application, on forms acceptable to the Ministry of Agriculture that must include:

  • the name of the person for whom the pesticide was applied;
  • the location and size of the area where the pesticide was applied;
  • the year, month, day and time at which the pesticide was applied;
  • the purpose for which the pesticide was applied;
  • the common product name of the pesticide applied and the registration number assigned to it pursuant to the federal Act;
  • the method of application;
  • the total quantity of or the rate of application of the pesticide applied;
  • the quantity and method of disposal of surplus pesticide containers;
  • the details of remedial measures taken to respond to pesticide spills or of the clean-up of pesticide spills; and
  • meteorological data at the time the pesticide was applied.

Every holder of a Pesticide Applicator Licence must retain all records for a period of not less than three years from the date of the application.

The Pesticide Applicator Licence is $100 annually or $500 for a five-year licence. A five-year licence is available for new applicators or upon renewal of training only.

Download the Pesticide Applicator Licence Application Form

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