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Employment Standards Complaints

If you believe your employer failed to meet the employment standards set out in Part II of The Saskatchewan Employment Act, you can file a formal complaint with the Employment Standards Division.

The complaint could involve monetary issues such as:

  • not being paid regularly, correctly or on time;
  • overtime; or
  • vacation pay.

Or the complaint could involve non-monetary issues such as:

  • not getting a work schedule;
  • work hours and periods of rest; or
  • pay stubs.

Prior to submitting a formal complaint, it is recommended that you and your employer try to resolve disputes yourselves.

If the complaint is for unpaid wages, you have one year following the last day that wages were payable to register your complaint with the Employment Standards Division.


1. Overview

If you have an employment standards concern and were not able to resolve the concern with your employer, you can file a formal or anonymous complaint with the Employment Standards Division. 

It does not cost anything to make a complaint or talk to someone in the Employment Standards Division.

If you are unsure whether or not you have a proper complaint or have any questions prior to submitting your complaint, contact the Employment Standard Division at 1-800-667-1783.

Formal Complaint

A formal complaint process should be used if:

  • You would like to request the Employment Standards Division to conduct an investigation into a specific employment standard concern;
  • You need help to recover unpaid wages; or
  • You have a non-monetary concern, such as not receiving a work schedule or alleged discriminatory actions.

A formal complaint is typically filed by the employee making the complaint.

You must file the formal complaint within one year of the last day that your wages are payable. 

Evidence such as pay stubs, records of hours worked, etc., included with formal complaints will help assist Employment Standards with the investigation.

Anonymous Complaint

Anonymous complaints can be filed by anyone including an employee or a third party such as a parent, friend, or a member of the community. The anonymous complaint process best meets the needs employees who are and want to remain employed with an employer, and want a workplace employment standards issue addressed and corrected. A complaint can involve monetary or non-monetary issues. Written complaints with some supporting evidence are preferred.

Upon receiving an anonymous complaint, the Employment Standards Division will contact and work with the employer to correct the employment standards problem. Problems are usually corrected on a “go-forward” basis, to ensure that from this point on that the provisions of The Saskatchewan Employment Act will be followed in the workplace.


2. How To Make A Complaint

Formal Complaint

Formal employment standards complaints can be submitted using our Online Formal Complaint Form (recommended) or by downloading a formal complaint form.

A downloaded formal complaint form can be dropped off, mailed or faxed to the regional Employment Standards Division office closest to you.

To help complete the complaint form, employees will need the following information:

  • The employer’s name, address, telephone number, postal code, and the name of the employee’s supervisor;
  • The employee’s address, postal code, and phone number;
  • The date the employee started work and the date the employee ended work (if no longer employed);
  • The employee’s wage rate, regular hours of work per day and per week (if wage complaint);
  • If available, a pay cheque stub or a statement of earnings if pay is direct deposited (if wage complaint); and
  • Details about the claim, for example, if a wage complaint, the dates for which wages are being claimed and the amount.

Anonymous Complaint

Anonymous employment standards complaint forms can be downloaded and submitted to the Employment Standards Division. Completed forms can be dropped off, mailed or faxed to the nearest Employment Standards Division regional office. Ensure to include any supporting documentation with the complaint.

If the complaint is to recover unpaid wages, the employee must file a formal complaint.


3. Make A Complaint

Formal Complaint

Make a formal employment standards complaint

If you prefer to not make your complaint online please download the formal complaint form and drop off, mail, or fax the completed form to a regional Employment Standards Division office.

Anonymous Complaint

Download the anonymous complaint form and drop off, mail, or fax the completed form to a regional Employment Standards Division office.

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