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Seasonal Trucking Weights

When transporting goods and/or services in Saskatchewan, the maximum gross vehicle weight is dependent on highway classification.

Commercial truck limits and weight restrictions are in place on provincial highways at various times of the year. It is done to prevent damage to the surface or road bed. There are also opportunities to haul additional weight depending on weather and other factors.

Check the current restrictions on the Highway Hotline or by calling 5-1-1.

Spring Road Bans

Spring road restrictions are dependent on weather. Typically, these road restrictions start in the first week of March in the southwest of the province, and the remainder over a two -three week period.

Official spring restriction orders are issued every Tuesday and Friday (with the exception of Good Friday) by 12:30 p.m. (CST) during the ban period.

When restrictions are implemented, they may be in place for up to six weeks. Restrictions may change with 48-hours-notice. If a prolonged weather cold period occurs, the weight restriction may be removed until weather conditions warrant it.

The new order is the latest publication and would indicate any changes to the previous order. This order will come into effect on the following Thursday at midnight or the following Sunday at midnight, depending on the day of publication. You should view both orders as this will provide a one week window on restrictions.

Maximum Gross Weights During Spring Road Bans (Restrictions)

Maximum Gross Vehicle Weight

Nine Month Primary Weights

Saskatchewan has a number of nine month primary highways.

The nine-month primary weight highways resulted from a primary weight expansion, which supports truck-haul cost savings and economic activities, connecting communities to economic opportunities. Originally, the nine-month primary highways were designed and constructed to carry only lower secondary weight loads. Weights are reverted back to the design loads (secondary weight) during spring (from April 1 to June 30) to reduce damage from spring-thaw related deterioration.

Saskatchewan is a large province with considerable difference in climate in the north and the south. The new change takes into account the climatic differences in the north and the south of the province while also maintaining the original intent of providing primary weight access for economic activities. In the north of the province, the annual weight increase on the nine-month primary highways will be same as before, from July 1 to March 31 of the following year. In the south of the province, the annual weight increase on the nine-month primary highways will occur earlier, from June 15 to March 15 of the following year. This change will help to sustain road conditions in the south, where spring thaw occurs earlier.

The provinces of Alberta and Manitoba also incorporate seasonal restrictions that are similar to Saskatchewan's practice of imposing spring bans on secondary highways. However, the nine-month primary highway in Saskatchewan is a category that is unique to the province. Therefore, it requires a more specialized implementation of the three-month weight-reversion periods.

Increase to 63,500 KG the maximum allowable weight at which a B-train truck tractor and semi-trailer combination can operate on the provincial highway system (weight and classification map).

Municipal Weight Limits

Weights allowed on public highways are separate from the registered gross weight of a vehicle. A heavy vehicle is usually registered to a specific weight determined by its business and the maximum weight it will generally carry. Weight limits on municipal highways are the same as those for secondary highways, including the winter season; except eight-axle B-trains and unless otherwise allowed by the local municipality or regulation.

Additional information can be obtained by contacting the inquiry line: 1-866-933-5290 in Saskatchewan or 306-933-5290 outside the province.

Winter Weight Allowances

Colder temperatures during the winter months help freeze and strengthen roads. As a result more weight can be transported on provincial highways without damaging the road. This is a benefit to the trucking community.

The winter weight period that allows additional weight typically runs from November 16 through March 14. However, if weather remains mild the program may be postponed because without sufficient freezing, extra weight can damage pavement and the road beneath.

Winter Weights will not apply in the southwest area of the province until December 1 and will be removed on the last day of February due to historically milder climatic conditions.

Municipal roads are the responsibility of each rural municipality, who can set out their own weight limits. Weights can be restricted at any time by Minister's Order.

The New Winter Weight Order is the latest publication and indicates any changes to the previous order. This order will come into effect on the following Thursday at midnight or the following Sunday at midnight, depending on the day of publication. You should view both orders as this will provide a one week window on restrictions. The PREVIOUS ORDER lists restrictions that are in effect but may be subject to change. This order contains a complete list of all restricted highways up to the effective date of the new order (view map).

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