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Information for Retailers

Effective February 1, 2024, the legal age to purchase tobacco and vapour products in Saskatchewan increased from 18 to 19.

Toolkit for Responsible Tobacco and Vapour Product Retailers

The Ministry of Health has developed a Toolkit for Responsible Tobacco and Vapour Product Retailers. This toolkit provides retailers an overview of the federal and provincial laws regarding the sale and advertising of tobacco, and tobacco- and vapour-related products in Saskatchewan for retailers.

The document contains highlights of the provincial and federal tobacco legislation, penalties, frequently asked questions from retailers, tips on developing store policies, employee training and tools, monitoring tools and sample exams.

Definition of a vapour product

  • A vapour product means any or all of the following:
    • an e-cigarette;
    • an e-substance;
    • a cartridge for or a component of an e-cigarette.
  • An e-cigarette means a product or device, whether or not it resembles a cigarette, containing an electronic or battery-powered heating element capable of vaporizing an e-substance for inhalation or release into the air.
  • An e-substance means a solid, liquid or gas that, on being heated, produces a vapour for use in an e-cigarette, regardless of whether the solid, liquid or gas contains nicotine.

Requirements for the sale of tobacco and vapour products in retail stores

As of February 1, 2024, only adults 19 years and older can purchase tobacco and vapour products. Tobacco and vapour product retailers are responsible for ensuring they only sell these items to people 19 years and older. Government-issued identification containing the person’s photograph, date of birth and signature (e.g. a passport or driver’s licence) is required to confirm a person’s age.

If you suspect someone is providing tobacco or vapour products to minors, please contact your local Saskatchewan Health Authority public health office.

Restrictions on the display and promotion of vapour products in stores

An important objective of The Tobacco and Vapour Products Control Act is to reduce youth smoking and vaping rates in the province. The legislation restricts how tobacco and vapour products can be advertised or displayed in stores where those under 19 years of age have access.

  • If your store allows access to people of all ages, you must make sure vapour products and any advertising or promotions of tobacco and vapour products are not visible to the public. Within your store, you can have tobacco or vapour products price signs that detail products and their prices however the price sign must meet the following requirements detailed in The Tobacco and Vapour Product Control Regulations:
    • The maximum size of the sign is 968 square centimetres;
    • The sign must be white, except for its text, which must be black;
    • The maximum height of a letter in the sign’s text is 13 millimetres;
    • The text size and style must be consistent in all parts of the sign, and the text must not contain italics, bold type or underlining;
    • The sign must not identify or reflect a brand name, logo or visual identity related to any vapour product;
    • The text of the sign must not be visible from outside the place or premises;
    • The sign must be displayed behind a sales counter at which tobacco, tobacco-related products or vapour products are sold;
    • There must be no more than one sign displayed at each sales counter;
    • There must be no more than three signs displayed in the place or premises.
    • The text of a sign must not contain any words, phrases or figures other than those set out in the form of sign in Appendix A.
  • If your store only allows adults to enter, then you may have tobacco and vapour products and their promotions out on display. However, you must ensure that people looking into the store from outside cannot see the tobacco and vapour products or their promotions.
  • Vending machine that dispenses tobacco or vapour products must be located not less than five metres from the innermost entrance to the adult-only premises.

Tobacco and Vapour products advertisements outside of retail stores

Advertisement and promotion of tobacco and vapour products is prohibited on an outdoor sign of any type, including:

  • A billboard or portable sign; or
  • A sign on a bench, vehicle, building or other structure.

Additional information on restrictions can be found on the Tobacco and Vaping Advertising and Promotion Restrictions Fact Sheet.

Testing or sampling of vapour products before purchasing

Testing or sampling of vapour products is allowed in adult-only stores, with the following conditions:

  • A customer can sample a vapour product in the store if they are sampling products they intend to purchase and consume off-site.
  • The proprietor and employees of a retailer of vapour products may sample the products for the purpose of sale, when the store is not open to the public.
  • Retailers must take reasonable steps to minimize the drifting of vapour into adjacent areas where the use of vapour products is prohibited.

Stores that cannot sell tobacco or vapour products

Stores in the following locations cannot sell vapour products:

  • A school or an independent school;
  • A facility or place operated by the provincial health authority or an affiliate, as defined in The Provincial Health Authority Act;
  • A health facility as defined in The Health Facilities Licensing Act;
  • A facility designated as a special-care home pursuant to The Provincial Health Authority Act;
  • A facility as defined in The Mental Health Services Act;
  • A community clinic mentioned in subsection 9‑4(2) of The Provincial Health Authority Act;
  • A building, or the portion of a building, owned or occupied by:
    • the Government of Saskatchewan, any ministry as defined in The Executive Government Administration Act or any Crown corporation as defined in The Crown Corporations Act, 1993; or
    • a municipality;
  • A video arcade;
  • An amusement park;
  • A theatre;
  • A pharmacy;
  • A retail store if:
    • a pharmacy is located in the retail store; or
    • customers of a pharmacy can enter into the retail store directly or by the use of a corridor or area used exclusively to connect the pharmacy with the retail store.

Signs required for the sale of both tobacco and vapour products

Only the signs supplied or approved by the Ministry of Health can be used. All signs required to be posted under the Act shall be posted in a conspicuous manner and shall not be obstructed from view.

You can order the sign from your local Saskatchewan Health Authority public health office.

Appendix A - Form of Sign

Tobacco Pricing
Cigarettes 20s 25s Carton
- Full price *$(x) $(x) $(x)
- Mid price $(x) $(x) $(x)
- Budget price $(x) $(x) $(x)
Smokeless tobacco $(x) to $(x)
Cigars $(x) to $(x)
Loose Tobacco
- Pouch $(x) to $(x)
- Tub $(x) to $(x)
Vapour Product Pricing
Vapour product device $(x) to $(x)
Vapour product liquid $(x) to $(x)
Vapour product accessories $(x) to $(x)

* insert price wherever "$(x)" occurs.

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