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Filing Your Tax Return


1. Guidance

The Graduate Retention Program (GRP) is a tax credit that will help reduce the provincial income tax owed by the graduate. Starting the year you graduate, you are entitled to tax credits over a seven-year period based on your eligible tuition amount, if you file an income tax return as a Saskatchewan resident each year. If your credit is greater than the tax payable, the excess can be applied in a future tax year and graduates will have up to 10 years from graduation to fully utilize their tuition rebate entitlements.

Individuals may claim tuition fees paid as indicated on their T2202A tax slip issued by the educational institution. The T2202A includes tuition as well as some other fees. Student union fees, health and dental fees, and books do not qualify under Canada Revenue Agency regulations for inclusion on the T2202A and cannot be included in costs eligible under the GRP.

The tax credit can only be applied to the income tax of the graduate and is non-transferable to other family members.

If you are filing electronically, keep all your documents in case you are asked to provide them for audit purposes.


2. Eligibility

For information about GRP eligibility, please visit the Graduate Retention Program Application page.


3. How to Claim the Tax Credit – Saskatchewan Residents

In order to claim your tax credit, you will need to download a Graduate Retention Program (GRP) certificate. When you apply for GRP, or when your post-secondary institution applies on your behalf, following graduation you will receive an e-mail with instructions about how to download your GRP certificate.

To access your GRP information online, visit the GRP Application page.

If you filed a Graduate Retention Program Certificate with last year's Saskatchewan income tax return, you will need to indicate this year's Saskatchewan tuition credit amount. This is found on your last year's Notice of Assessment.


4. How to Claim the Tax Credit – New Saskatchewan Residents

You may claim the Graduate Retention Program (GRP) Certificate in the year you move to Saskatchewan and file a Saskatchewan income tax return. Depending on how many years after your graduation you move to Saskatchewan, you will be eligible for any of the remaining years of GRP entitlements. You will not be eligible for the GRP for the year(s) you did not live in Saskatchewan.

In order to receive the remaining years of your GRP entitlements, you will be required to do the following:

  1. Apply for your GRP Certificate (if you have not yet done so) by completing a Graduate Retention Program Application Form.
  2. Once you have received your GRP Certificate, you must contact the Canada Revenue Agency to update your eligibility. You can do so by calling 1-800-959-8281 or by visiting them online at the Canada Revenue Agency website.

5. How to Request a Reassessment

If you filed your Saskatchewan income tax return and did not claim your Graduate Retention Program tax credit, or your year of graduation is prior to the Graduate Retention Program certificate year of issue, you must contact the Canada Revenue Agency and submit a written request for reassessment of your tax returns.

You will need to provide the Canada Revenue Agency with:

  • The total amount of eligible tuition that was paid during the applicable time period;
  • Your Graduate Retention Program Certificate;
  • Your eligible tuition amounts indicated on your T2202A receipts issued by your post-secondary institution.

To contact the Canada Revenue Agency, call 1-800-959-8281 or visit the Canada Revenue Agency website.


6. Further Information

If you are using an accountant or someone to help file your taxes and they want to speak to the Student Services Centre about your Graduate Retention Program Certificate or tax credit, you will need to complete the Consent to Release Information form.

For more information about filing your taxes, contact the Canada Revenue Agency at 1-800-959-8281 or visit the Canada Revenue Agency website.

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