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Game Farm Program

Please note, as of June 2023, the Licensed Game Farm Operators Database is no longer accessible through this site. We are pleased to provide accessible data in the Related Items section. If you have any questions, please contact Livestock Branch at 306-787-2150.

This program supports the game farm industry in Saskatchewan by providing licensing and regulatory programs. All domestic game farm operators are licensed and regulated according to The Animal Production Regulations under The Animal Production Act. The following species may be farmed as domestic game farm animals:

  • Pronghorn antelope;
  • Caribou/reindeer;
  • Elk;
  • Fallow deer;
  • Moose;
  • Mule deer;
  • White-tailed deer;
  • Bighorn sheep;
  • Thinhorn sheep;
  • Argali sheep;
  • Musk deer; and
  • Mountain goats.

To obtain a domestic game farm licence, you must submit a Domestic Game Farm Licence application form and a Saskatchewan Cervid Chronic Wasting Disease (CWD) Surveillance Enrolment Form. When your property is properly fenced, has been purged of all wildlife, and has been inspected and approved by a Game Farm Inspector, a licence may be issued and your farm allowed to be stocked with game farm animals.

All domestic game operators with farmed cervids, except fallow deer, must participate in the Cervid Chronic Wasting Disease Surveillance Program. For more information on chronic wasting disease in Saskatchewan, see our overview page.

Game farm operators with farmed cervids are required to report any suspected or confirmed cases of chronic wasting disease to the provincial Chief Veterinary Officer and the Canadian Food Inspection Agency (CFIA) within 24 hours. Chronic wasting disease remains a federally reportable disease.

If chronic wasting disease is detected on a game farm, the initial response will be carried out by the CFIA.

Chronic wasting disease-positive farms not eligible for CFIA's control program will be managed under The Animal Health Act and its regulations. Herds with confirmed or suspected cases of the disease are placed under a provincial Quarantine Order, and no unauthorized movement of animals can occur from the affected premises.

When game farm operators fail to follow the requirements, the steps taken need to be fair, transparent and consistent. Through written policy, guidance is provided to Ministry of Agriculture staff to ensure the game farm industry is responsibly monitored to protect domestic game farm animals, as well as wildlife. The policy Managing Game Farm Program Requirements in Saskatchewan is available for download.

Copies of game farm applications, order forms, and reporting forms are also available online.

To discuss or obtain:

  • Game farm licensing – contact the Game Farm Clerk at 306-787-4606.
  • Import or export permits – contact the Animal Health Program Officer at 306-787-6469.
  • Tagging options or to order unique identification tags for game animals – contact the Game Farm Clerk at 306-787-4606.
  • Game farming and related industries – contact the Livestock Development Manager at 306-527-8408.
  • Regulatory related inquiries or concerns – contact the Lead Provincial Game Farm Investigator at 306-441-4176.

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