Disability Strategy

Our Experience, Our Voice: Saskatchewan Disability Strategy Consultation Summary – Prepared by the Citizen Consultation Team

In the fall of 2013, Government established a 15-member Citizen Consultation Team (CCT) to design and lead a province-wide consultation process and to use this input to develop a provincial Disability Strategy. Our first step was to have a conversation with those who experience disability. This document summarizes the conversations that took place and the feedback we received through our public meetings, social media, an online survey and written submissions. We heard a wide range of perspectives, personal stories and experiences, ideas and solutions. Now the hard work begins. Over the next several months, we will consider what we heard, along with advice we received from stakeholders and best practices used in other jurisdictions. We will then analyze, prioritize and develop practical and sustainable recommendations for Government’s consideration.

Our Experience, Our Voice: Public Consultation Summary

Our Experience, Our Voice: The Reality of Today, the Opportunity to Shape Tomorrow, is not the Government’s Disability Strategy; it is a summary of what the CCT heard and provides a record of the issues and concerns shared through the consultation process. We expect the Disability Strategy to be released in spring 2015.

About the Strategy

The Disability Strategy looks to address and identify the support and service needs of children and adults who experience disability – whether physical, sensory, psychiatric, cognitive or intellectual.

Meet the Citizen Consultation Team

Find out more about the 15 members who make up the Citizen Consultation Team. The team members come from a wide array of backgrounds and are excited to be a part of the consultation development process.