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Entrepreneur EOI System


Effective March 14th, significant changes have been implemented to the Entrepreneur Category, including revised eligibility and selection criteria. For a detailed overview of these changes, please refer to the Entrepreneur Category Updates overview document.

The Entrepreneur category will invite Expression of Interest (EOI) candidates from the EOI pool on January 11, April 11, July 11 and October 10, 2024.

Candidates cannot change their business plan after applying and cannot change their Business Performance Agreement after SINP approval. You can visit the following page for information about starting a business in Saskatchewan: Immigrate and Start a Business.

The EOI is not an application; it is an expression of your interest in the SINP. You can indicate your interest in running a business and living in Saskatchewan by providing information on your experience, assets and a Business Establishment Plan (BEP).

  1. Candidates who meet the eligibility criteria will be accepted into the EOI candidate pool.
  2. Once submitted, EOIs are scored and ranked using the Points Grid.

Entrepreneur EOI Selection Results on April 11, 2024

Number of Invitations Issued 15
Average EOI Score 100
Highest EOI Score 125
Lowest EOI Score 90*

*All candidates with 90 points or higher were invited to apply.

See Entrepreneur EOI Pool Selections Table for past invitation rounds.

Expression of Interest (EOI) Submission to the SINP

Steps to submit your EOI:

  • You must meet the minimum eligibility criteria to submit an EOI.
  • Review the Points Grid
  • Complete your EOI online. Your score will be calculated based on the information you enter. Your EOI will be placed in a pool for selection. All sections must be complete to be submitted.
    • The status of your EOI must be at “Submitted.”
    • If selected, your EOI will form part of your application. Be sure your EOI is up to date at the time of submission. If your application provided misleading information, your application will be rejected, and you cannot reapply to the SINP for two years.
    • Be sure you understand the questions before you give an answer. Use the help icons or review the page again.
    • There is no fee for submitting an EOI.
    • You do not need to attach any documents to your EOI. However, you will need to attach documents if you are invited by the SINP to submit an electronic application.
  • Your EOI is ranked based on your points assessment score.
    • EOI's can remain in the pool for 12 months from the date received.
    • If your EOI is not selected during this time it will be removed. You will be able to reapply if you want to.
    • If you are able to get additional points after starting your EOI, you can update your pending EOI with current information before it is submitted.
    • Once your EOI has been submitted you cannot update it. If your EOI is selected it will be removed from the pool and you can no longer update it. Points for age are based on your age on the date you submit your EOI.

How EOI Candidates are Ranked

Once you complete an EOI profile, you will get a score based on a number of criteria. You can find the criteria for the EOI point score in the Points Grid.

To manage the number of applications, the SINP will select EOI candidates from the system based on points score as well as other factors. For those with the same or equal points score, further criteria may be considered. Official language skill will be chosen first (with the highest language ability prioritized), followed by those with businesses planned for a key economic sector, and finally those who complete an exploratory visit.

These things all play a role in your future success in Saskatchewan. A goal of the EOI is to ensure strong economic outcomes in Saskatchewan for those invited to apply.

The EOI Selection and Invitation to Submit an Application

EOI's are assessed on the criteria in place at the time when your EOI was submitted. To be eligible for invitation, EOIs must be submitted prior to the selection date and must not be expired. EOIs submitted on the selection date will not be eligible for that selection but will remain in the pool for the next scheduled draw. If your EOI is selected it will be removed from the application pool and you will no longer be able to update it. Selection does not guarantee your application will be approved.

After your EOI has been selected:

  • You will get an Invitation to Submit an Application (ISA) letter. The letter will include a file number. If your application does not match the information in your EOI it will be rejected.
    • If your situation or any of your information has changed, and the changes would result in a loss of points or you would no longer meet the minimum criteria, then you should request to withdraw your EOI and not submit an application.
  • You have 20 days from the date of the ISA letter to:
    • Pay a $2,500.00 CAD non-refundable processing fee.
    • Select a recognized third party financial review service provider on your online application.
  • You have 90 days from the date of the ISA letter to:
    • Complete and submit your online application.
    • Upload all supporting documents. Carefully review the document checklists for a full list of all documents needed.
  • You have 180 calendar days from the date of the ISA letter to send your Third Party Verification Report.
  • If you have not submitted the information or processing fee within the time given, your application may be closed.
    • If your application has been closed and you are still interested in applying to the SINP, you must submit a new EOI.
  • All documentation must be in English or French.
    • Where documents are not in English or French, you must send an electronic copy of the original document, as well as an electronic copy of its translation and a translator affidavit.
  • • If your application is accepted for processing and the information you gave changes, such as family, marital status, country of residence, or contact information, you must tell the SINP. You must update your application even if your visa has already been issued.

All deadlines can be found on your online application.

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