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Supplementary Health Benefits

Qualified individuals are eligible for a number of health services and products in addition to the universal health benefits.


This program provides assistance with non-insured health service to:

  • Government wards;
  • Inmates of provincial correctional institutions;
  • Residents of special care facilities who are eligible for the Senior's Income Plan;
  • Those enrolled in the following income support programs:
    • Saskatchewan Assured Income for Disability (SAID)
    • Saskatchewan Income Support (SIS)
    • Saskatchewan Employment Incentive (SEI)

The Ministry of Health will send you a letter advising that you have been approved for Supplementary Health Benefits.

Services Covered

The program covers the following health services and products:

Medical Supplies and Appliances

You may receive the following benefits only if a physician or authorized health professional prescribes these items. Many of these items require prior approval by the Ministry of Health:

  • Surgical dressings;
  • Female contraceptive devices;
  • Incontinence aids (except pads, incontinence briefs);
  • Aerochambers; and
  • Ostomy supplies.


If you're eligible for supplementary health coverage, one of the following plans may apply to you:
All Plans Individuals under 18 will receive benefit prescriptions for free. This option covers: insulin, oral medication for diabetes, and birth control pills.
Plan One If you're an adult, you pay no more than $2 for each benefit prescription.
Plan Two If you're on Plan One and you need several different drugs on a long-term basis, you may be eligible for benefit prescriptions for free. You, your physician, or your pharmacist may contact the Ministry of Health to request this coverage.
Plan Three Designed for people receiving the Seniors' Income Plan and residing in special-care homes. Individuals living in approved homes and group homes may also be eligible. You will receive benefit prescriptions for free. In addition to the benefits in Plan Two, you may receive, certain additional prescribed drugs for free.

Hearing Services

Coverage includes audiology services, hearing aids and certain supplies available through approved suppliers. Most of these services require prior approval from the Ministry of Health.

Your supplementary health coverage may pay for the replacement of a lost or broken hearing aid on an individual basis.

Replacement is subject to a 30 per cent co-payment for clients over the age of 20.

Dental Services

Supplementary health coverage covers the following dental services:

Emergency benefits

Coverage is limited to relieving pain and controlling infection.

If you are 18 and older and are able to work, you and your spouse are eligible for only emergency dental benefits for six months from the time of being nominated to this program. After six months of emergency coverage, you become eligible for full benefits.

Children automatically qualify for full benefits.

Full benefits

Coverage includes a range of basic dental services (preventive, restorative, exodontic and prosthetic) required to maintain good dental health.

You have the options to upgrade two specific dental services. But you are responsible for the difference between the basic service covered under the program and the optional upgraded service. The upgrades are:

  • Upgrading from the amalgam (silver-coloured) to composite (tooth-coloured) fillings in posterior (back) teeth; and
  • Upgrading partial dentures from acrylic to cast metal.

Your dentist will be able to provide further information about these services and the costs.

Those needing dentures may obtain them from a licensed dentist or denturist. You will be asked to pay some of the cost. Your dentist or denturist is required to seek Ministry of Health approval to make sure the service is eligible for payment.

Optical Services

Supplementary health coverage covers the following optical services:

Eye exams
You are eligible for one exam per year if you are under 18 or over 64 years of age. Others are eligible for one exam every two years.


Coverage may be available for glasses (lenses and frames) through approved service providers.

The program may pay for the replacement of lost or broken glasses on an individual basis.

Podiatry Services

Supplementary health covers foot care visits and appliances through approved service providers.

Medical Transportation in Saskatchewan

Supplementary health coverage covers patient charges for emergency road and air ambulance services.

In northern Saskatchewan only, long-distance, medically related transportation by commercial carriers is available with prior approval by local health personnel. For information on eligibility and access to these services, contact one of the following:

Black Lake
Phone: 306-439-2000
Fax: 306-439-2212
P.O. Box 124
Black Lake, SK S0J 0H0 
Buffalo Narrows
Phone: 306-235-2220
Fax: 306-235-4604
Box 40
Buffalo Narrows, SK  S0M 0J0
La Ronge
Phone: 306-425-2422
Fax: 306-425-5513
Box 6000
La Ronge, SK  S0J 1L0 

Benefits Outside Saskatchewan

Supplementary health coverage does not normally extend to services outside Saskatchewan. However, services may be covered if you receive prior approval of the Ministry of Social Services.

Payment Method

Always provide your valid Saskatchewan Health card or temporary health coverage form when you request a Supplementary Health service. Service providers will verify your coverage. The program does not reimburse clients as payments are made directly to the service providers.

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