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Request Help with Your WCB Claim or Appeal

Do you disagree with a decision made on your Workers’ Compensation Board (WCB) claim? Are you looking for advice or representation? We can help you with the complex WCB system.

The Office of the Workers' Advocate (OWA) provides free and independent services to injured workers and their families when dealing with the WCB.


1. How the OWA can help

To ensure injured workers receive every consideration under the provisions of The Workers’ Compensation Act, the OWA:

  • Discusses the Workers' Compensation Board (WCB) claim(s) and gives advice on how to proceed. OWA staff offer suggestions and provide help understanding the claims and appeal process.
  • Provides assistance to injured workers to help them prepare an appeal.
  • Provides representation at all levels of the appeal process. That includes speaking and writing to WCB, providing written submissions and representing a worker at an appeal hearing.
  • Provides seminars and workshops to advocacy groups, unions, medical and legal professionals on The Workers’ Compensation Act and its regulations, policies, and procedures.

To request assistance, send an application for Request for Services. You will be required to provide your WCB claim number. You must give permission to the OWA to access your WCB file.


2. Who can use the service

The OWA can help if:

  • You are an injured worker or family of an injured worker with an existing or denied WCB claim; and
  • You disagree with a decision on your WCB claim.

The OWA cannot provide services if:

  • You have another representative such as a lawyer or union representative; or
  • You are not covered by Saskatchewan Workers' Compensation. If you are covered under another jurisdiction, visit the Canadian Centre for Occupational Health and Safety website to find your provincial Workers' Advocate office.

3. Assistance and Representation

If you do not agree with a decision made by the WCB, you can request a review or appeal. OWA staff is available to assist you with advice and assistance throughout the WCB appeal process. The OWA may:

  • Communicate directly with your case manager;
  • Represent you at any scheduled meetings;
  • Write and submit appeals on your behalf; and
  • Represent you at appeal hearings.

To receive these services, you need to submit a Request for Service application to the OWA. You must provide your WCB claim number and authorization to receive OWA services.  Applications are processed within two business days.

After you’ve applied, an Advocate will review your WCB file (and any related files). An Advocate will also contact you to discuss your file. If it is determined that the OWA can assist you, an Advocate may:

  • Obtain additional evidence from your doctor or specialist;
  • Conduct research on the nature of your injury and your situation; and
  • Write an appeal letter to the WCB on your behalf.

If it is determined that the OWA cannot assist you, the Advocate will discuss the assessment of your claim with you and provide a written explanation. If you do not agree with the decision of your advocate, you can submit a written request to have the Manager of Advocacy Services review the Advocate’s decision.

The review and appeal processes vary in length and are dependent on each case.


4. Request for Services

If you would like assistance from the OWA, please fill in the electronic application in the link below.

You must provide your WCB claim number which will allow the OWA to access your WCB claim(s). You will also be required to provide written authorization to obtain information from your health care providers.

Online applications are processed within two business days. Once your application is received, you will be requested to provide written authorization to obtain information from your health care provider.

Request OWA Services

If you prefer to not request services online, please download the Request for Assistance Form and mail to the Office of the Workers' Advocate.


5. Further Information

The OWA provides seminars and workshops on The Workers’ Compensation Act and its regulations, policies and procedures. This training is recommended for advocacy groups, unions and medical and legal professionals. For more information, contact the OWA at 1-877-787-2456.

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