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Waterflood Project Application

Applying to implement, modify or expand a waterflood project in Saskatchewan. 


1. Guidance

A waterflood project improves oil recovery by injecting water into a hydrocarbon bearing formation. The water increases pressure in the reservoir and/or displaces oil towards a production well.

An operator must apply and receive approval from the Ministry of Energy and Resources before licensing or recompleting any wells for pressure maintenance water injection as outlined in Section 54 of The Oil and Gas Conservation Regulations, 2012.

Production wells within a waterflood project area that require reduced spacing approval can apply for this authorization for as part of a waterflood project application.


2. Eligibility

Application for a waterflood project can be made when:

  • The project is expected to provide incremental recovery.
  • The proposed injection wells are all within a common unit boundary, if applicable.
  • Makeup water is used to replace produced oil in the stratigraphic unit within the project area (makeup water is used to maintain voidage replacement in the area).
  • The proposed injection water, injection pressure, and well integrity aren't detrimental to the stratigraphic unit or other permeable zones.
  • The applicant has the right to operate/modify the well.

The applicant must have an Integrated Resource Information System (IRIS) account and the appropriate permissions assigned by their IRIS Security Administrator to submit a waterflood project application.


3. How To Apply

To apply for a waterflood project:

  1. Complete the Waterflood Project Application Form and include all required attachments. See the Form Instructions tab of the application.
  2. Complete the Public Notice Process if required.
  3. Complete and sign the Injection into Freehold Minerals declaration of agreements in place letter, if required.
  4. Complete the Reclassification/Recompletion (part of a reservoir) Application Form with all the necessary attachments (as one document), if required. For more information, see Guideline PNG024: Reclassification and Recompletion.
  5. Confirm that all the information is complete and accurate, and forms are dated and signed. Ensure all required attachments are included:
    • Waterflood Project Application Form and attachments.
    • Completed Public Notice Process package, documented objections and required consents as a separate document, if applicable.
    • Reclassification/Recompletion (part of a reservoir) Application Form with all the necessary attachments.
  6. Log in to IRIS and complete the appropriate application process for authorization and attach the required documents.

Once an application package is submitted through IRIS it cannot be modified by the applicant. Any subsequent changes or additions require resubmission.


4. Apply


5. Further Information

Upon approval, a pending status for conversion to pressure maintenance water injection (waterflood) is available on all applicable wells.

The applicant has one year to use an authorization before it expires. An authorization number may be used multiple times if it's issued approving multiple wells/operations. The authorization won't expire if it is used at least once within the one year period.'

New wells approved to be drilled as injectors or infill producers receive an authorization number, which can be used to obtain a licence through IRIS.

If annual reporting is required, submit it to starting one year after project commencement. Annual reports are kept confidential. The minimum requirements for the report are:

  • A general description of the project's historical and future developments.
  • Detailed production and injection reports, including:
    • instantaneous voidage replacement ratios;
    • cumulative voidage replacement ratios;
    • primary recovery factors; and
    • incremental recovery factors.
  • A brief operating and capital cost record.
  • An evaluation of the success of the project to date, including any operating issues encountered.
  • Reservoir pressure data, if available.

Waterflood Development Program (WDP)

The Waterflood Development Program (WDP) offers repayable royalty/freehold production tax deferral for eligible wells that have been converted to injection wells or newly drilled injection wells for the purpose of waterflooding an oil reservoir.

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