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Weekly Highway Construction Update

A weekly construction update is published throughout the spring and summer months to provide you with the latest construction information. You should anticipate delays and always plan ahead.

If you're planning to travel, check the Highway Hotline, which provides up-to-date information on construction, emergency road closures, the status of ferries and barges, and other road activities. Information is also available by calling 511.

Projects/Work Start Description Impact on Motorists Completion Target
Hwy 1 East of Swift Current 25-Jan-21 Overpass Construction on westbound lanes of Hwy 1 over the Canadian Pacific Railway and surfacing in both directions approaching the overpass. Construction is complete. Road is open to traffic. A new guardrail will be installed this fall. Work will begin on eastbound lanes in spring 2022. Fall 2022
Hwy 2 (within St. Louis) 5-Jul-21 Culvert installation through old Hwy 2 within the Village of St Louis Expect minor delays to normal travel, as there will be a one lane detour to the south of the project location. The detour will be in place 24 hours a day. 31-Oct-21
Hwy 4 US Border to Grasslands Park 15-Jun-21 Culvert installation and paving. Culvert extensions are now complete. Work continues with base haul, surface mixing and subbase haul followed by paving. 31-Oct-21
Hwy 5 near Runnymede, southeast of Kamsack 6-04-21 Bridge Construction on Hwy 5 over CNR. Segment of highway is closed at this location. Traffic is detoured on local RM road around the construction area. Spring 2022
Hwy 5 near Saskatoon 21-Jun-21 Shoulder widening, intersection treatments, surfacing and two passing lane constructions on Hwy 5 from its south junction with Hwy 2 to 15 km west of Hwy 2. Traffic accommodation may include a 60 km/hr work zone, electronic variable message boards, and possibly flaggers. Culvert boring will take place later this fall. Contractor has moved to another project and will return to install remaining culverts this fall. 12-Nov-22
Hwy 6 and Hwy 11 north Regina 29-Jun-21 Construction of a grade raise and surfacing structure at three locations near Regina. Traffic will be reduced to a single lane during construction. Reduced speed to 60 km/h with traffic accommodation devices maintained through the duration of the project. Expect delays. 15-Nov-21
Hwy 7 in Kindersley 8-Mar-21 Hwy 7 intersection improvements through Kindersley. Expect minor delays as traffic will be accommodated through the work zone utilizing one-way traffic. The speed limit will be reduced to 60 km/h while within the work zone. Curbing and median work will begin next. 15-Oct-21
Hwy 7 from Kindersley to the Alberta Border 20-Feb-21 Construction of passing lanes on Hwy 7 from Kindersley to the Alberta Border. Expect delays due to a reduced speed limit. During paving of the main lanes, traffic can expect temporary delays with brief stops in the work zone to accommodate one-way through traffic. Continue work to the subgrade, base on passing lanes. Paving expected to begin after Thanksgiving weekend. 2-Jul-22
Hwy 8 north of Redvers 27-Aug-21 Bridge replacement on Hwy 8. Expect minor delays. Traffic will be detoured on a temporary detour bridge around the existing bridge. Detour will be restricted to one 4.3m wide lane, managed with traffic lights. Rough road, and motorists are required to lower speeds to 60 km/h or less within the construction zone. Legal loads only permitted on the detour bridge. 14-Oct-21
Hwy 11 near Lumsden 16-April-21 Bridge and overpass rehabilitation on Hwy 11 northbound over Qu'Appelle River and Hwy 11 northbound over Hwy 20 at the jct. of Hwy 11 and 20 near Lumsden. Traffic accommodation on portions of the existing bridges. The overall traveled width reduced to 5.6 metres. Expect delays. Traffic accommodation devices will be used. Lower speeds to 40 km/h or less within the work zone. 31-Oct-21
Hwy 16 Plunkett to Hwy 6   Construction of 4 sets of passing lanes. Contractor is providing traffic accommodation. Expect minor delays. 16-Oct-21
Hwy 16 Clavet to Viscount 7-Mar-21 Construction of 3 sets of passing lanes. None at present.  
Hwy 16 from Springside to Saltcoats   Construction of 3.5 sets of passing lanes.   17-Sep-22
Hwy 16 from Saltcoats to the Manitoba border 1-Jun-20 Construction of 2.5 sets of passing lanes from Saltcoats to the Manitoba border.   17-Sep-22
Hwy 16 near Viscount 10-Aug-20 Construction of a grade raise and surfacing structure on Hwy 16, from 2.4 km to 1.1 km east of its junction with the Viscount Access Road. Expect minor delays. Officials are waiting on an update for when rumble strips will be installed.  
Hwy 18 near Fir Mountain 15-Nov-21 Bridge replacement west of the Fir Mountain jct. Traffic detoured on Hwy 58 and local RM roads (60 and 3060). Expect minor delays through the detour site. Obey posted speeds. Local traffic will have access to Hwy 18 via local grids. 15-Jun-22
Hwy 18 and 28 Lake Alma to Radville 9-Jun-21 Construction on Hwy 18 from about 600m east of its jct. with Hwy 28 to 200m west of its jct. with Hwy 28 and on Hwy 28 from its jct. with Hwy 18 to 39 km north of its jct. with Hwy 18. Expect minor delays as one lane will be open. The contractor will provide traffic accommodation. Paving and side-slope work continues. 1-Oct-22
Hwy 26 south of Loon Lake 5-July-21 Bridge replacement over canyon creek. Bridge is open to traffic on a temporary surface. Rough road and motorists are required to lower speed to 60 km/h or less within the newly-constructed surface. Spring 2022
Hwy 31 from Plenty to Dodsland 18-Jan-21   Traffic controlled by a traffic light at each end of the work zone, with a pilot vehicle guiding traffic through the work area one direction at a time. Traffic will be reduced to a speed of 60 km/h in the work zone. 27-Mar-22
Hwy 33 & 377 near Sedley, Kronau & Ceylon 29-Sep-20 Remove two old wood bridges, and install 8 new culverts at various locations on Hwy 33, and Hwy 377. The contractor is completing riprap and erosion control at a location near Sedley while waiting for a culvert to be manufactured. Sign changes have been implemented. Contractor to resume work. Fall 2021
Hwy 39 Weyburn to Milestone 7-May-21 Construction of a surfacing structure and eight passing lanes on various sections of Hwy 39. Expect delays. Slow down, obey all signs. Watch for equipment and workers. All remaining works to be completed this week. Shoulder repair is in progress.  
Hwy 39 Canada/US Border to Weyburn 26-Apr-20 Passing lanes resurfacing. Construction of 5 sets of passing lanes, 35 km of resurfacing, culvert rehabilitations, and installation of Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS), shoulder widening and various intersection safety improvements. Expect delays and consider using alternative routes. Slow down, obey all signs. Watch for equipment and workers. Cleanup continues and is expected to be completed shortly including mowing of the sideslopes.  
Hwy 51 from jct. Hwy 317 to SK/AB border  1-Aug-21  Road work  Traffic controlled by automated traffic lights in the work zone. Traffic restricted to one lane in excavation area.  Fall 2022
Hwy 55 east and west of jct. with Hwy 123, north of Carrot River 28-Sep-21 Surfacing on Hwy 55 for a total distance of 37 km and 30 culvert installations at various locations. Expect minor delays to normal travel schedules as one lane will be open most of the time. The contractor will provide traffic accommodation. Contractor is expected to begin installation of the culverts on Sept. 28. Fall 2021
Hwys 219 and 44 near Danielson Provincial Park 2-Jun-20 Construction of a subgrade and surfacing structure on Hwy 219; construction of a subgrade and surfacing structure on Hwy 44 from the Danielson Park access to Hwy 219; and from the jct. of Hwy 219 west for a distance of 1.55 km. Expect minor delays as one lane will be open most of the time (with a few exceptions) for traffic. The contractor will provide traffic accommodation. Cleanup is expected to occur next week. 31-Oct-21
Hwy 229 Good Spirit Lake access to Hwy 47 21-Jan-21 Paving Good Spirit Lake access to Hwy 47. One lane for widening and surface mixing. Flaggers present. Marked at 60 km/hr for project limits. 6-Mar-22
Hwy 355 near Spruce Home 19-May-21 Surfacing on Hwy 355 from the jct. of Hwy 2 to 17 km west. Repair work on two realigned sections of Hwy 355. Expect minor delays as one lane will be open most of the time (with a few exceptions) for continuous traffic flow. The contractor will provide traffic accommodation. 20-Oct-21
Hwy 905 at McClean Lake Access Road 20-Aug-21 Gravel surfacing on Hwy 905 from the McClean Lake Access Road junction to 9.4 km west. Traffic accommodation will vary depending on the operation. For culvert installations, one-way traffic will be controlled by stop lights. For notching and widening operations, one-way traffic will be controlled by flaggers. Traffic will be reduced to a speed of 60 km/h while within the work zone. 23-Oct-21
Hwy 914 North of Pinehouse 14-May-21 Culvert Installation through Hwy 914 approximately 66 km north of Pinehouse. Expect minor travel delays. Continuous traffic flow is expected. Contractor will provide traffic accommodation. 30-Oct-21
Hwy 995 Wollaston Lake Road 23-Aug-21 Construction of a new Wollaston Lake Winter Road. Watch for people and equipment in the area. Grading work near the Redman River bridge. This work pause until winter when frozen ground conditions will allow access to other work areas. 15-Apr-22

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