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SINP Procedures and Guidelines

Effective May 16, 2020, the timeline to submit Requests for a Second Review will be shortened from 45 days to 30 days after the SINP has issued an ineligibility letter.

These guidelines are focused on the International Skilled Worker and Saskatchewan Experience categories. Related pages in this section are:

Before you apply to the SINP, please review the application process of the category you plan to apply to, to make sure you qualify.

You'll be assessed against established program criteria. Our standard procedure is to process applications in the order we receive them. However, we may prioritize applications that meet the Government of Saskatchewan's strategic priorities, including skilled worker applications with employment offers.

Submitting an Application

  • You can only apply through our online application system.
  • Once you've completed the online application, paid the fee (Saskatchewan Express Entry and Occupation In-Demand subcategories only) and reached the Submit Confirmation page, you'll be asked to confirm the application submission. You'll do this by clicking the Submit button.
  • We'll receive your application after you click the Submit button online. Once you've submitted your application, you'll receive a letter to confirm receipt of your application. You will receive no further notifications about your application until your application is pre-screened.
  • Applications are date-stamped electronically once they're submitted, and a file number is assigned to each application upon submission.
  • Applicants can only have one active application with the SINP at any one time. Multiple applications will not be accepted.
  • Pending applications that are not submitted within three years will be removed from the system.


  • Your application will be checked for completeness. An application is deemed complete when all the documents listed in the Document Checklist are provided.
  • If your application is complete, it will be processed.
  • If your application is incomplete, it will not be accepted and you will receive an email with a letter listing the documents you will need to submit for a new application, if you choose to re-apply when the category is opened for new applications.
    • An application is considered incomplete when there are missing or invalid supporting documents (e.g. blank, partially completed, unidentifiable or irrelevant documents).

Basic Review

  • Applications that pass pre-screening stage will go through a basic review.
  • We conduct basic reviews to make sure all the documents in the application package have the required information for that category.
  • If needed, we'll send you a letter asking you to provide us more documentation within 10 days. You'll have to upload this information to us (we'll provide you the instructions in the letter).
    • When we receive the documents we asked for, your application will continue to the next stage for criteria assessment.
    • If we don't receive the documents within the 10 day time frame, your application will continue to the next stage for criteria assessment as it was originally submitted. However, note that this may result in your application being deemed ineligible.

Criteria Assessment and Recommendation

  • At this stage, we'll assess whether you meet the category criteria and we'll also verify the information you've provided.
  • Based on our assessment, we'll recommend whether or not you're eligible for nomination. Your application will continue to the next stage so the recommendation can be reviewed, and a decision made.

Review of Recommendation and Decision

  • We may verify or review your application some more, before we make a final decision.
  • Once we make a decision on your application, we will notify you by email.
  • Our final decisions include:

Approved/Nominated Applications

  • We'll send you or your representative a nomination package that will include:
    • An SINP Nomination Approval Letter;
      • The SINP reserves the right to withdraw its certificate if we determine that you no longer meet the conditions under which you were nominated. This means that you must contact us if anything changes regarding the conditions of your nomination. If you were nominated through a category that requires an employment offer, you must maintain an approved job offer. If your family status changes, you must notify the SINP.
    • An SINP Work Permit Support Letter (if applicable); and
    • Information on how to proceed with an application for Permanent Residency (PR).
  • We'll notify IRCC's Centralized Intake Office of the nomination. You must submit your application for PR to IRCC within six months of being nominated by the SINP.
    • IRCC will consider your application after they receive the nomination information from us.
  • IRCC will also conduct a final selection assessment of your application including health, security and criminal record reviews, before issuing visas to you and your accompanying family members.
    • IRCC may ask for any additional information they think is necessary, at any time during the application process.

Ineligible Applications

  • We'll send you an email notifying you that you're not eligible for nomination by the SINP. An application will be deemed ineligible if any of the following situations is true:
    • You don't meet the program criteria;
    • You don't submit documentation we ask for, to provide proof of your eligibility; and,
    • You don't establish that your intent to live and work in Saskatchewan is genuine.
  • You may ask for a secondary review of your application. If we don't receive a request for a secondary review within 30 days, then the file will be closed.
    • Immigration Representatives can only represent active files (i.e. files that are going through our processes or that have been nominated and are being processed by IRCC).


  • If there are grounds to believe there has been misrepresentation in an application, we'll place the processing on hold pending investigation. The applicant involved, as well as their employer and/or representative will be sent a procedural fairness letter.
    • This letter outlines the grounds we have to believe that misrepresentation has taken place. The letter provides the individual with an opportunity to submit evidence that they did not commit misrepresentation.
    • A review for misrepresentation can take place at any stage of the SINP process.
  • After considering any information provided in response to the procedural fairness letter, we'll make a decision.
  • If misrepresentation is found to have taken place, the applicant, employer or representative may be banned from using the program for up to two years (or more, in the case of a repeat offence).
  • If misrepresentation is found to not have taken place, the application will be returned to processing.

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