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Ignition Interlock

The Ignition Interlock Program is a Saskatchewan Government Insurance (SGI) initiative that allows you to begin driving before the end of your licence suspension. An ignition interlock device prevents a driver from operating a vehicle if they have alcohol in their body. The Ignition Interlock Program is mandatory for all drivers with a criminal code conviction for impaired driving, and can be mandatory for drivers with multiple roadside suspensions. Details about the program can be found on SGI's website.

There are two types of appeals you can file with the Highway Traffic Board (HTB) over a decision made by SGI.

  • Extension Appeal: If there has been a program violation, SGI may extend the amount of time you must have an ignition interlock on your vehicle(s). You have the right to appeal this decision.
  • Exemption Appeal: SGI may exempt someone from the requirement to participate in the Ignition Interlock Program if they are unable to fulfill the program requirements. If you apply to SGI requesting an exemption from mandatory participation and they do not grant you an exemption, you have the right to appeal this decision.

If you are filing for an Exemption Appeal, the sole issue before the board is whether you meet the requirements for exemption. To qualify,

  • your permanent residence must be at least 500 kilometres from the closest ignition interlock provider; or
  • the ignition interlock provider is unable to access your vehicle from any remote service location; or
  • you are medically incapable of using an ignition interlock device; or
  • the ignition interlock provider is, for mechanical reasons, unable to install an ignition interlock device in your vehicle; or
  • you do not own a vehicle or have access to a vehicle.

Please note that you cannot appeal a termination that is initiated by the company that you rent the ignition interlock system from. A service provider may terminate your service for such reasons as equipment damage and verbal abuse.

How to File an Appeal:

  • Visit any SGI motor licence issuer.
  • Buy an Ignition Interlock appeal receipt. It will cost $175.
  • Write a letter to the HTB that explains in detail why you are appealing SGI's decision. Include everything that the HTB will need to consider.
  • Include your daytime phone number and an email address so the HTB can contact you to set up a hearing date and time.
  • Submit your letter and a copy of your receipt to the HTB.
  • Once the HTB has received your receipt and letter, they will submit a request with SGI asking for information relevant to your case.

Information the HTB will consider:

  • For an Extension Appeal, board members will consider your SGI driver information and ignition interlock monitoring information.
  • For an Exemption Appeal, board members will consider copies of the supporting documents you provided to SGI when you applied for your exemption, any information SGI submits to the HTB for review, and any additional information you submitted prior to your hearing that you would like the HTB to review.

What to Expect at the Hearing:

  • Ignition interlock appeal hearings are conducted in person, scheduled during the day, and take place in Regina or Saskatoon.
  • The hearing will take about 30 minutes.
  • You will appear in person before three board members.
  • For an Extension Appeal, the board members will ask you questions regarding the action taken by SGI against your licence; determine whether you are suffering from exceptional hardship; and make a decision on what is in the public's best interest.
  • For an Exemption Appeal, the board members will review your ignition interlock exemption application, review your letter appealing SGI's decision, ask you questions, and make a decision.
  • Following your hearing, the HTB can maintain, alter, or reverse SGI's decision.
  • Within one week of your hearing, you will be sent a letter by mail regarding the HTB's decision.
  • The decision is binding and cannot be appealed.

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