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Diplomatic and Consular Corps

The Diplomatic Corps

The representatives of a sending country are located in the embassy or high commission of that country in the receiving nation's capital, in Canada's case, Ottawa. Embassies are the offices of foreign countries, while high commissions are the offices of Commonwealth countries. The "head of mission," i.e. the senior diplomat representing his/her country, is the ambassador (for foreign countries) or high commissioner (for Commonwealth countries). Both are addressed as "Your Excellency" and referred to as "His/Her Excellency."

Other diplomats, in order of seniority, are:

  • chargé d'affaires (replaces absent ambassador);
  • minister;
  • counsellor;
  • first, second and third secretary; and
  • attaché.

The role of embassies and high commissions is to represent the interest of their sending countries; 

  • act as channels of information and negotiation between governments;
  • look after their own nationals in the host country;
  • promote trade, investment, cultural and political relations; and
  • to be sources of information on their countries.

Ambassadors/high commissioners of many countries visit most provinces of Canada during their postings to Ottawa, in order to familiarize themselves with the local/regional economic, social and cultural situation and the policies of provincial governments. The status, privileges and immunities of diplomats are governed by the Vienna Convention on Diplomatic Relations (1961).

Find the most accurate information on foreign missions and international organizations accredited to Saskatchewan and Canada on the Global Affairs Canada website.

The Consular Corps

Regional or local representatives of embassies or high commissions are known as the consular corps. Their status, privileges and immunities are governed by the Vienna Convention on Consular Relations, 1963. Their role is to represent the interests of their embassies/high commissions, and specifically to promote trade, investment, cultural and other relations in the regions. Another task is to provide passports for their own nationals and to arrange visas where required for citizens of the host country. They also handle day-to-day issues or problems of their own nationals, e.g. those in trouble with the laws of the host country. They often arrange visits of their ambassadors or high commissioners or prominent people from their countries.

The senior consular post is a consulate-general, whose head is a consul-general. The next-ranking post is the consulate, whose head is a consul. Other consular personnel, in order of seniority, are: vice-consul and consular agent. These offices are assigned specific geographical areas in Canada. Usually only larger countries have the resources for consular posts.

Consular officers, as opposed to "career" (or professional) consuls, are local nationals invited by a sending country to represent its interests on an unpaid basis; they have very limited consular privileges and immunities. Saskatchewan has no career consuls, but does have several members of the honorary consular corps.

Consular Officers in Saskatchewan

Honorary Consuls are local citizens invited by a foreign country to represent its interests in an area or province on an honorary, unpaid basis.

Flag of Austria Honorary Consul of Austria
Flag of Brazil Honorary Consul of Brazil
Mr. Jose Renato de Freitas
Corman Park
Flag of Brazil Honorary Vice-Consul of Brazil
Mrs. Sueli Bizetto de Freitas
Corman Park
Flag of the Czech Republic Honorary Consul of the Czech Republic
Mr. Rudolf Sternadel
Flag of Finland Honorary Consul of Finland
Mr. Chad Eggerman
Flag of France Honorary Consul of France
Mrs. Veronique Loewen
Flag of Germany Honorary Consul of Germany
Mr. Benedict Nussbaum
Flag of Hungary Honorary Consul of Hungary
Mrs. Candace Nicole Bonk
Flag of Iceland Honorary Consul of Iceland
Ms. Patricia Warsaba
Flag of Japan Honorary Consul General of Japan
Mr. Victor Sawa
Flag of Kazakhstan Honorary Consul Republic of Kazakhstan
Mr. Timothy Scott Gitzel
Flag of Korea Honorary Consul General of Korea
Flag of Mexico Honorary Consul of Mexico
Flag of Morocco Honorary Consul of Morocco
Mrs. Ednali Fertuck-Zehavi
Flag of the Netherlands Honorary Consul of the Netherlands
Mr. Peter Vanriel
Flag of Norway Honorary Consul of Norway
Ms. Heather Goranson
Flag of Philippines Honorary Consul General of the Philippines
Mr. Pepito Escanlar
Flag of Poland Honorary Consul of Poland
Flag of Sweden Honorary Consul of Sweden
Ms. Darcia G. Schirr
Flag of Trinidad and Tobago Honorary Consul of Trinidad and Tobago
Dr. Carlos Roberts
Flag of Turkey Honorary Consul General of the Republic of Turkey
Mr. Omer Al-Katib
Flag of Ukraine Honorary Consul of Ukraine
Mr. Kenneth Krawetz
Flag of the United Kingdom Honorary Consul of the United Kingdom
Mr. Alexander Fallon

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