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Proof of Vaccination - Information for Businesses

Information for businesses related to proof of vaccination. 

1. Proof of Vaccination for Public Access

Current Public Health Orders have been extended to February 28, 2022.

Proof of Vaccination or Negative Test

Proof of vaccination (POV) or a negative test will be required at point of entry to access:

  • Seated dining in all restaurants including fast food restaurants;
  • Liquor manufacturers conducting retail liquor sales; and
  • Liquor stores with an integrated permit that also hold a liquor restaurant or tavern permit.

A POV or negative test will not be required for food pick-up or delivery, at food courts or for entering a premises to use the washroom.

This order will replace the Public Health Order that came into effect at 12:01 October 1 which outlined businesses and organizations that are required to request proof of vaccination or negative COVID-19 test in order to access the venue. In addition to the changes above, the order applies primarily to non-essential businesses such as:

  • Restaurants, including restaurants in hotels or other lodgings;
  • Nightclubs, bars, taverns, and manufacturer hospitality suites, buses and other establishments and transportation licensed by the Saskatchewan Liquor and Gaming Authority for the sale and service of alcohol;
  • Liquor stores that have been issued standalone retail store permits issued by the Saskatchewan Liquor and Gaming Authority; and
  • Cannabis stores that have been issued standalone retail store permits by the Saskatchewan Liquor and Gaming Authority.

Event and entertainment venues including:

  • conference centres, meeting rooms and banquet facilities, except when being used for the purposes of a court or tribunal proceeding;
  • theatres;
  • cinemas;
  • bingo halls, casinos and other gaming establishments;
  • concerts;
  • live-music venues;
  • fitness centres and gyms; and
  • facilities hosting sporting events where tickets are required that have GST charged on the ticket.

Children under the age of 12 are exempt from the proof of vaccination or negative test requirement

Businesses or organizations exempt from this order include:

  • retail businesses including grocery stores;
  • businesses holding an integrated liquor retail store permit that do not also hold a tavern or restaurant permit issued by the Saskatchewan Liquor and Gaming Authority;
  • businesses holding an integrated cannabis retail store permit issued by the Saskatchewan Liquor and Gaming Authority;
  • places of worship (including weddings/funerals/wakes);
  • personal services, health care services, professional services;
  • public libraries;
  • hotels or lodging including self-serve food options located within the hotel or other lodging;
  • facilities hosting amateur sporting events, including youth athletics and recreational leagues;
  • private gatherings at public venues (weddings/funerals/wakes/meetings); and
  • private gatherings at private residences.

Proof of Vaccination FAQ

There can be very serious consequences for not following Public Health Orders, including fines in cases where negligence or misconduct have been found. Fines may be $2,000 for individuals and $10,000 for corporations, plus a victim surcharge (40%).


2. Proof of Vaccination for Employees


3. QR Code Verification App

The SK Vax Verified app is available now as a free download in the Apple App Store and Google Play Store.

It is up to each business/organization to determine proof of vaccination, however the QR code, wallet cards, a printed copy of vaccination records and screen shots of vaccination records are acceptable forms of verification and businesses and organizations are encouraged to continue accepting this as proof of vaccination.

Poster for Businesses: Proof of Vaccination Required


I’m a business/organization that requires proof of vaccination. How do I get the technology I need to scan QR codes?

Businesses or organizations requiring proof of vaccination will have the option to download and use a free QR code verifier app that will be able to scan the QR code and determine if a person is fully vaccinated or not. The Saskatchewan Vaccine Verifier app (SK Vax Verifier) will be free from Google Play or Apple App stores.

While an internet connection is required to download the verifier app, a connection is not required to use it, making it easy and convenient at points of entry.

What can I use to scan for the QR code? Do I need special equipment?

The codes can be scanned on iOS/Apple and Android devices (phones, tablets). However, the standard QR code reader on your phone cannot read this QR code. You will need either the SK Vax Verifier app (recommended) or a third-party SMART Health Card verifier app.

How does the Verifier App work?

An individual's vaccination information is embedded in the QR code, and when it is scanned with the SK Vax Verifier app, the app will show either a green indicator to verify the person is fully vaccinated or a red indicator to show they are not. Information is secure, and is not viewed/saved/retained in the scanning process. "Fully vaccinated" means 14 days after receiving:

  • the second of two doses of an mRNA vaccine (Pfizer, Moderna) or AstraZeneca/COVISHIELD (all interchangeable between the two doses), or
  • 1 dose of Janssen (Johnson & Johnson) vaccine.

The app will be available for mobile devices from the Apple App Store and Google Play Store. A demonstration of the process can be viewed.

What information is displayed to the person scanning the QR Code?

If the SK Vax Verifier app is being used the information displayed will be limited to individual's first and last name, and an indicator colour for the proof of vaccination – green (full vaccinated) or red (not fully vaccinated). However, if entities use a different application to scan the QR code, they may see more information.

Is the information secure?

The SK Vax Verifier app is secure. The information contained in the QR code is not viewed/saved/retained in the scanning process. An internet connection is not required if using the SK Vax Verifier app. We cannot speak for other verifier apps a business may use.

What if my business is already using a different App to scan QR codes? Can I keep using that?

If a business is using a different application for QR code reading it may still work. The app must be able to read SMART Health Card QR codes. However if a third party app is used, the personal health information may not be as secure and will not contain the Saskatchewan (Provincial) vaccination status rules. It is recommended that the SK Vax Verifier App be used to protect both you and your customers/clients privacy, while only displaying the minimal amount of information required to validate vaccination status.

Does the SK Vax Verifier App retain information from the QR code?

No. There is no information retained when using the SK Vax Verifier app to scan the QR code.

What if people do not have a QR code?

A QR code is not the only option for providing proof of vaccination. Individuals can also show a printout of their COVID-19 vaccination record from Public Health or MSHR or the wallet cards that they received at the time of their immunization.

What options are considered to be acceptable proof of vaccination? What if people do not have a QR code?

Options for citizens to show proof of COVID-19 vaccination, which businesses may consider include:

  • Show your QR code/MySaskHealthRecord vaccine certificate uploaded to SK Vax Wallet or other wallet app
  • Print a copy of your MySaskHealthRecord vaccine certificate with QR code
  • Show a screenshot of your MySaskHealthRecord vaccine certificate/QR code saved to your device
  • Show your wallet card or earlier version of your MySaskHealthRecord COVID-19 vaccine certificate
  • Show a COVID-19 vaccine printout from Saskatchewan Health Authority Public Health

Do people also need to present identification along with their proof of vaccination?

Businesses requiring proof of vaccination will also require ID from anyone 18 and older. Youth aged 12 to 17 will also need to show ID unless accompanied by an adult with proof of vaccination and ID. Acceptable forms of ID include driver's licences, passports.

What happens if a customer provides a fraudulent/fake proof of vaccination?

A valid proof of vaccination is the responsibility of the individual and fraudulent or fake proofs of vaccination would be subject to ticketing.

Can I require an occupational health and safety officer from the Ministry of Labour Relations and Workplace Safety to show evidence of being fully vaccinated or of a negative COVID-19 test before they enter my workplace?

No. An occupational health officer requires access to your premises in order to conduct an inspection. This officer is permitted to do this pursuant to section 3-63 of The Saskatchewan Employment Act.

The officer will not provide you with proof of vaccination or a negative COVID-19 test. However, pursuant to The Public Employers' COVID-19 Emergency Regulations, this officer has been required by the Ministry of Labour Relations and Workplace Safety, Occupational Health and Safety Branch to be fully vaccinated, or provide a valid negative COVID-19 test result at least every seven days.

What if my business decides not to request a proof of vaccination?

Effective October 1st there is a requirement under a provincial Public Health Order for proof of vaccination or negative test for public access to a list of establishments, businesses and event venues as well as for all Government of Saskatchewan ministry, crown and agency employees.

Can COVID-19 QR codes be read/verified between Canadian jurisdictions?

SK Vax Verifier app (both Apple and Android versions) – This app is now able to read the QR codes from some (not all) jurisdictions in Canada. Verifiers should update the SK Vax Verifier app on their device to ensure it is current and able to read the QR codes from the other jurisdictions. (Note: we cannot speak to the capabilities of other verifier apps.)

With the SK Vax Verifier app, verification status (red/green) of QR codes from other jurisdictions is based on Saskatchewan's definitions:

Green – You meet criteria to be considered "fully vaccinated," meaning 14 days after receiving:

  • the second of two doses of an mRNA vaccine (Pfizer, Moderna) or AstraZeneca/COVISHIELD (all interchangeable between the two doses) OR
  • one dose of Janssen (Johnson & Johnson) vaccine.

Red – You do not meet the criteria to be considered fully vaccinated. It is up to the business/organization to determine whether to grant access.

Other Provinces/Territories – Saskatchewan has made the request to other jurisdictions for their verifier apps to read Saskatchewan COVID-19 vaccination QR codes. We don't know when that capability may be available, but information in the table below will be regularly updated. Vaccination status is determined based on the verifying jurisdiction's criteria. It is best to check a jurisdiction's vaccination criteria in advance of attending an event/business/facility there.

The SK Vax Verifier app can read government-issued COVID-19 vaccine QR codes from all Canadian provinces and territories, as well as the Canadian Armed Forces.

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