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Ministry of Health

The Ministry of Health is committed to a health system that puts patients first by providing Better Health, Better Care, Better Value, and Better Teams for Saskatchewan people.


1. Information you might be looking for

Apply for a health card

Information about applying for or changing personal information on your health card.

Look up surgical wait times

Find information about surgeries and the specialists who perform them by name, location, or wait time.

Manage your health needs

Contact experts with your questions or concerns about services, treatments, and access to care.

Call 911 or access other emergency medical services

Contact the right emergency response for your situation.

Find out about prescription drugs and plans

Learn about the different prescription drug plans available depending on your age and needs.


2. Plans and Annual Reports

Plan for 2021-22

The plan for 2021-22 reflects the government's goals of sustaining growth and opportunities for Saskatchewan people, meeting the challenges of growth, securing a better quality of life for all Saskatchewan people and delivering responsive and responsible government.

For previous ministry plans, please visit Prior Year Plans, Reports and Guiding Documents.

Annual Reports

The Ministry of Health's 2020-21 Annual Report presents the ministry's activities and results for the fiscal year ending March 31, 2021. It reports to the public and elected officials on public commitments made and other key accomplishments of the ministry.

Previous fiscal year annual reports can be found by visiting Prior Year Plans, Reports and Guiding Documents.

Drug Plan and Extended Benefits Branch Annual Statistical Report 2019-20
Medical Services Branch Annual Statistical Report 2019-20
eHealth Saskatchewan Annual Report
The Saskatchewan Physician Recruitment Agency Annual Report – Saskdocs.ca

Additional Reports

This section includes annual report archive, health status reports, reports on public losses, reports on CEO long-term care facility visits and an archive of other ministry plans and reports.


3. Programs and services

Continuing Care

Services to help people live independently, such as home care, personal care homes and long-term care.

Health Benefits

Details about what health services are covered, and how to register.

Immunization Services and Information

Details about free immunization programs to protect babies, children and adults from vaccine-preventable diseases.

Mental Health and Addictions

Promotion of mental health and treatment services for people experiencing mental illness and addictions.

Programs and Services for People with Disabilities

Support for people with long term disabilities or illnesses.

Medical Imaging

Details about imaging procedures (from x-ray to MRI) and how to prepare.


Options for surgical care in Saskatchewan. How to find a specialist, minimize wait times and more.

Saskatchewan eHealth Vital Statistics

Register a birth, death, marriage, stillbirth, and change of name. Get certificate as legal proof of vital events. Access statistical information.

eHealth Saskatchewan

The Treasury Board Crown Corporation responsible for developing and implementing the Electronic Health Record (EHR) for Saskatchewan.


4. Ministers and Managers

Hon. Paul Merriman
Hon. Paul Merriman, Minister

Minister's Office

Phone 306-787-7345
Fax 306-787-0237
Email he.minister@gov.sk.ca
Mailing Address Room 204, Legislative Building, 2405 Legislative Drive, Regina, SK, S4S 0B3
Hon. Everett Hindley
Hon. Everett Hindley, Minister

Minister's Office - Minister of Mental Health and Addictions, Seniors and Rural and Remote Health

Phone 306-798-9014
Fax 306-798-9013
Email minister.rrhe@gov.sk.ca
Mailing Address Room 208, Legislative Building, 2405 Legislative Drive, Regina, SK, S4S 0B3
Max Hendricks
Max Hendricks, Deputy Minister

Deputy Minister's Office

Phone 306-787-3041
Fax 306-787-4533
Email max.hendricks@health.gov.sk.ca
Mailing Address 3rd Floor, 3475 Albert Street, Regina, SK, S4S 6X6
Denise Macza, Associate Deputy Minister

Deputy Minister's Office

Phone 306-787-3186
Fax 306-787-4533
Email Denise.Macza@health.gov.sk.ca
Mailing Address 3rd Floor, 3475 Albert Street, Regina, SK, S4S 6X6
Mark Wyatt, Assistant Deputy Minister

Deputy Minister's Office

Phone 306-787-4695
Fax 306-787-4533
Email mark.wyatt@health.gov.sk.ca
Mailing Address 3rd Floor, 3475 Albert Street, Regina, SK, S4S 6X6
Billie-Jo Morrissette, Assistant Deputy Minister

Deputy Minister's Office

Phone 306-787-3147
Fax 306-787-4533
Email billie-jo.morrissette@health.gov.sk.ca
Mailing Address 3rd Floor, 3475 Albert Street, Regina, SK, S4S 6X6
Rebecca Carter, Assistant Deputy Minister

Deputy Minister's Office

Phone 306-787-0513
Fax 306-787-4533
Email Rebecca.Carter@health.gov.sk.ca
Mailing Address 3rd Floor, 3475 Albert Street, Regina, SK, S4S 6X6
Ingrid Kirby, Executive Director

Acute and Emergency Services Branch

Phone 306-798-2655
Fax 306-787-6113
Email ingrid.kirby@health.gov.sk.ca
Mailing Address 3475 Albert Street, Regina, SK, S4S 6X6
Joan Petrie, Executive Director

Communications Branch

Phone 306-787-8433
Fax 306-787-8310
Email joan.petrie@health.gov.sk.ca
Mailing Address 3rd Floor, 3475 Albert Street, Regina, SK, S4S 6X6
Deborah Jordan, Executive Director

Connected Care Services Branch

Phone 306-787-7854
Fax 306-787-0890
Email deborah.jordan@health.gov.sk.ca
Mailing Address 3rd Floor, 3475 Albert Street, Regina, SK, S4S 6X6
Brad Havervold, Executive Director

Community Care Branch

Phone 306-787-6092
Fax 306-787-7095
Email brad.havervold@health.gov.sk.ca
Mailing Address 1st Floor, 3475 Albert Street, Regina, SK, S4S 6X6
Nick Doulias, Executive Director

Drug Plan and Extended Benefits Branch

Phone 306-787-3110
Fax 306-787-8679
Email nick.doulias@health.gov.sk.ca
Mailing Address 3475 Albert Street - 2nd Floor, Regina, SK, S4S 6X6
Joy Vanstone, Executive Director

Financial Services Branch

Phone 306-787-5025
Fax 306-787-0218
Email joy.vanstone@health.gov.sk.ca
Mailing Address 3rd Floor, 3475 Albert Street, Regina, SK, S4S 6X6
James Turner, Executive Director, Medical Services

Medical Services Branch

Phone 306-787-3423
Fax 306-787-3761
Email james.turner@health.gov.sk.ca
Mailing Address 3475 Albert Street, Regina, SK, S4S 6X6
Duane Mombourquette, Executive Director

Partnerships and Workforce Planning Branch

Phone 306-787-2869
Fax 306-787-4534
Email duane.mombourquette@health.gov.sk.ca
Mailing Address 3rd Floor, 3475 Albert Street, Regina, SK, S4S 6X6
Tami Denomie, Executive Director

Population Health Branch

Phone 306-787-7110
Fax 306-787-3237
Email tami.denomie@health.gov.sk.ca
Mailing Address 3475 Albert Street, Regina, SK, S4S 6X6
Pauline M. Rousseau, Executive Director

Strategy and Innovation Branch

Phone 306-787-3951
Fax 306-787-2974
Email paulinem.rousseau@health.gov.sk.ca
Mailing Address 3rd Floor, 3475 Albert Street, Regina, SK, S4S 6X6

5. Forms and publications

These are our top downloaded health documents:

Health Services Card Application
Apply for a health card online or by mail.

Influenza Immunization Information
Find out how to fight the flu.

Early Childhood Development
Resources for parents to help kids grow up healthy.

Special Support Program - Drug Plan - CRA Application
Help for those whose drug costs are high in relation to their income.

You can find all publications for this ministry in the Publications Centre.


6. Health System Statistics


7. Legislation

The following acts and regulations are administered by the Ministry of Health and are available in PDF format. The links below are provided with the consent of the Publications Saskatchewan pursuant to Government of Saskatchewan copyright policies. Printed copies of the legislation are also available through the Freelaw® website.

To order or subscribe, please visit the Freelaw®website. If you don't have Adobe Reader on your system, you can download it for free.

R-8.2 - The Regional Health Services Act
Addresses the governance and accountability of the regional health authorities.

P-37.1 - The Public Health Act, 1994
Provides authority for the establishment of public health standards, such as public health inspection of food services.

M-13.1 - The Mental Health Services Act
Regulates the provision of mental health services in the province and the protection of persons with mental disorders.

H-0.021 - The Health Information Protection Act
Protects personal health information in the health system in Saskatchewan and establishes a common set of rules that emphasize the protection of privacy, while ensuring that information is available to provide efficient health services.

P-0.1 - The Paramedics Act
Regulates paramedics

View complete list of Ministry of Health documents


8. News releases

Read the ministry's most recent news releases

View All News Stories

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