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Saskatchewan Hospitality Businesses

Employers wishing to support a foreign worker in one of the three identified low skilled hospitality occupations must receive approval from the SINP to participate in this project before the foreign worker begins working for the employer. The SINP will not accept applications from hospitality sector employees who begin working for the employer prior to their employer receiving SINP approval.

The SINP started the Hospitality Project to help Saskatchewan employers recruit and retain more workers in the hotel and hospitality sector.

Through the Hospitality Sector Project sub-category, foreign workers who are currently working in Saskatchewan on a temporary work permit supported by Employment and Social Development Canada (ESDC)/Service Canada Labour Market Impact Assessment can apply for nomination by the SINP if they have been working for an approved employer for the past six months, at minimum, and are working in one of the following occupations:

  • Food/Beverage Server (NOC 6513)
  • Food Counter Attendant/Kitchen Helper (NOC 6711)
  • Housekeeping/Cleaning Staff (NOC 6731)

Please see all applicable criteria for the foreign worker for the Hospitality Sector Project sub-category.

Criteria and Application Process for the Hospitality Sector Project

If you're an employer who wants to take part in the Hospitality Sector Project, you must complete the following steps: 

1. Get approval from the SINP to take part in the project before the foreign worker begins working for you.  To be approved:

  • You must apply for, and get a Certificate of Registration from Labour Relations and Workplace Safety (LRWS).
  • You must complete and submit the SINP-500-4 Hospitality Sector Recruitment and Retention Plan for approval. The plan must show your support and assistance for the employees’ successful integration. In the document, you’ll outline your plans for:
    • Recruitment and retention; and
    • Orientation and training in the workplace.
  • Submit the completed Hospitality Sector Recruitment and Retention Plan to the Saskatchewan Employer Services Branch at employerservices@gov.sk.ca

2. Apply for and get a positive Labour Market Impact Assessment (LMIA) confirmation for the identified positions.

  • High skilled positions in the hospitality sector (like National Occupational Classification (NOC) levels 0, A, B or designated trades) don’t need an LMIA. This doesn’t apply to Food and Beverage Persons because it is a designated trade with Saskatchewan Apprenticeship and Trade Certification Commission (SATCC). 

3. Apply to the SINP for a Job Approval Letter for each temporary foreign worker within four months of their starting work with you.

Submit your application online, including a copy of:
  • The mandatory ESDC employer-employee contract; and
  • The Job Offer Letter of permanent employment that will take effect after the foreign worker has been employed at least six months.
  • The Job Offer Letter must be on company letterhead with the company's contact information) and must include:
    • The job title;
    • The description of duties and responsibilities;
    • The salary. This should match provincial industry standards. You may check the Government of Canada’s Job Bank median wage for more on this); and
    • The benefits you’ll provide.
Employers who don’t apply for Job Approval Letters after the required period may be subject to penalties under The Foreign Worker Recruitment and Immigration Services Act (FWRISA).

As an employer, you are responsible to learn your foreign worker's English language ability before they start working for you. Foreign workers who qualify for this project must meet the minimum language requirements to qualify for SINP nomination.

Application Process

Interested firms will have to apply to both the SINP and ESDC/Service Canada.

Applying to the SINP

Complete SINP 500-4 Hospitality Project Sub-Category Recruitment and Retention Plan and send it to the Saskatchewan Employer Services Branch by mail, email, phone or fax.

Saskatchewan Employer Services Branch
Ministry of Immigration and Career Development
1000, 2103 - 11th Avenue
Regina SK  S4P 3Z8
Email: employerservices@gov.sk.ca
Phone: 306-787-7428
Fax: 306-787-8122

SINP may ask to meet with you to review your recruitment and retention plan or other parts of your application.

Applying to ESDC/Service Canada

Visit the Government of Canada website to learn the steps you need to take to apply to this sub-category.

After you've received approval from the SINP and ESDC/Service Canada to take part in this program, you'll be asked by Service Canada to identify the foreign workers you want to bring into Saskatchewan.

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