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Information on Use of Vapour Products

In general, vapour products cannot be used in and around enclosed public places including but not limited to: offices, schools, stores, washrooms and waiting areas within these locations. People are prohibited from using vapour products within three metres of a doorway, window or air intake of an enclosed public place.

Vapour products may be used in enclosed public places when:

  1. Customers are testing or sampling products in adult-only (18 years and older) stores.
  2. There is an enclosed ventilated place in special care homes and personal care homes.

Testing or sampling of vapour products before purchasing

Testing or sampling of vapour products is allowed in adult-only vape stores, with the following conditions:

  • A customer can sample a vapour product in the store if they are sampling products they intend to purchase and consume off-site.
  • The proprietor and employees of a retailer of vapour products may sample the products for the purpose of sale, when the store is not open to the public.
  • Retailers must take reasonable steps to minimize the drifting of vapour into adjacent areas where the use of vapour products is prohibited.

Using vapour products within enclosed public places

In general, use of vapour products within enclosed public places is prohibited. If a person is vaping within an enclosed public place, the proprietor shall:

  • Request the person to immediately stop using or consuming vapour products;
  • Inform the person that he or she was committing an offence; and
  • Refuse to provide that person with a good or service that the proprietor customarily provides in the enclosed public place until that person stops vaping.

Proprietors shall post the below sign at entrances, waiting areas and washrooms in their premises to inform public of the restriction. You can order the sign from your local Saskatchewan Health Authority public health office.

No Smoking No Vaping sign

Using vapour products outdoors

The Tobacco and Vapour Products Control Regulations set a three-metre area around any doorway, window or air intake of an enclosed public place in which no one can use vapour products. This safeguards against emissions entering these places and protects people as they arrive or leave the premises. Enclosed public places include stores, offices, public transit vehicles, restaurants and bars.

NOTE: You may live in a community/municipality that has greater restrictions on outdoor vapour product use. If your community/municipality has such a bylaw, it takes precedence over the provincial requirement. Whichever requirement is more restrictive is the requirement you must follow.

Responsibilities of proprietors to enforce the three-metre zone

Proprietors are required to take reasonable steps to prevent people from vaping within the three-metre zone on their property and to post the below sign at appropriate places in their premises to inform public of the restriction. You can obtain the below sign from your local Public Health Office.

Thank you for not smoking or vaping sign

What about vaping on school property?

The Tobacco and Vapour Products Control Act prohibits vaping in schools, including school grounds. This prohibition extends to all school property all the time, irrespective of whether or not school is in session.

What about vaping in a hotel room?

  • In hotels, check with management to find out the vaping policies within rooms.
  • You cannot vape in the common areas of hotels such as lobbies, hallways, and restaurants. You cannot vape within three metres of doorways, windows or air intakes around the hotel. Many communities/municipalities have stricter smoke-free and vapour-free bylaws. Check with your local community for bylaws in the area.

What about vaping at home?

You are free to use vapour products inside your home.

If you live in a multi-unit building, like an apartment, condominium or townhouse, keep the following in mind:

  1. You cannot vape in common areas such as a lobby, laundry area or hallways or within three metres of the doorways, windows or air intakes that are connected to common areas.
  2. Your property may have further restrictions on smoking and vaping. Check your lease agreement and apartment policies for information on the restrictions in your building.

What about vaping in a vehicle?

There are two situations when vaping is not allowed in a vehicle:

  1. When a vehicle:
  • is used or made available for public transit; and
  • is used to transport members of the public;

but only during any period that the vehicle is made available for hire, including any break period.

  1. When someone under the age of 16 is in your vehicle.

How is the law being enforced?

Saskatchewan Health Authority Tobacco Enforcement Officers will respond to complaints regarding vaping.

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