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Indoor Mandatory Masking Requirements

Effective Thursday, November 19th,  wearing a non-medical mask will now be required in all indoor public spaces in Saskatchewan. 

The use of non-medical masks is MANDATORY in most indoor public places. Indoor places could include:

  • All healthcare facilities (Addiction treatment centres, complex care centres, health centres, hospitals, mental health centres, residential treatment centres or special-care homes)
  • All areas of long-term care, personal care homes and assisted living facilities (except as indicated below)
  • Pharmacies
  • Medical service centres and offices (such as doctors office, dentist office, physiotherapist, therapeutic massage)
  • Retail businesses (such as grocery stores, clothing stores, and sporting good stores)
  • Service businesses (such as mechanics, insurance agencies, dry cleaners, and professional services)
  • Shopping centres, markets and malls
  • Personal services businesses, such as hair and nail salons, spas, body art facilities or tanning salons (except during services that require removing a mask)
  • Restaurants and bars, except while eating or drinking while seated in designated areas
  • Places of worship or faith gatherings
  • Places for cultural or entertainment services or activities, such as movie theatres, arcades, concerts and other performances
  • Places for sports and recreational activities, such as a gym, ice arena, pool, gymnastic facility, dance facility or indoor court or field facility
  • Places for events, such as conferences and receptions
  • Municipal, provincial or federal government locations offering services to the public
  • Common areas of a correctional facility
  • Common areas of tourist accommodations/hotels, such as lobbies, elevators and hallways
  • Common areas of office buildings, such as lobbies, elevators and hallways, but not private offices/cubicles. In your private office/cubicle you may remove your mask when you are alone only. If someone else enters your office/cubicle, you and your guest(s) must put a mask back on.
  • Common areas of condo and apartment buildings, such as lobbies, elevators and hallways, but not the private apartment or condo itself.
  • Public areas of a university or college campus, such as library or student union building, classrooms, hallways and other common areas, but not student residences (dormitories)
  • Common areas of a school or independent school
  • Licensed daycares
  • Train or bus stations, bus shelters, ferry terminals and airports
  • Public transport, including cabs, ride share services and carpooling.
  • For information about mask guidance in schools, visit the Safe Schools Plan.

The use of non-medical masks is NOT MANDATORY in these locations:

  • Private homes and residences except for service workers and visitors
  • Hotel rooms, motel rooms, and bedrooms and private bathrooms in a bed and breakfast

Masks are not required for the following individuals or in the following circumstances:

  • Children under 2 years of age.  Children aged 3 to 12 if they are not reasonably able to.
  • Anyone who is unconscious, incapacitated or otherwise unable to remove the mask without assistance
  • People whose medical condition prevents them from wearing a mask (as determined by a health professional)
  • People who, due to cognitive impairment, an intellectual disability, or a severe mental health condition are unable to understand the requirement
  • The short-term removal of the mask is necessary for the purposes of identifying the individual
  • It is necessary for the individual to uncover their nose, mouth, or chin for the purposes of receiving a health or personal service, for the duration of the
    treatment or service only. 
  • While seated and consuming food or a beverage in a restaurant, food court at a shopping centre or food store, bar, movie theatre or in any other location where food or beverages are served.
  • While participating in aquatic activities for the duration of the activity only.
  • When providing personal support services to an individual with a disability when wearing a mask could hinder the ability of that individual to receive the service, such as hindering the individual’s ability to lip read.
  • While in an area of the enclosed setting to which members of the public do not normally have access, and the individual is alone.
  • In a courthouse or courtroom, where wearing a mask poses a security risk.
  • In a proceeding before an administrative tribunal established by legislation or a court where the decision maker determines that removing the mask is essential to ensure the integrity of the proceeding. 
  • The following individuals while speaking during a television or other media news interview or conference, but only when they are able to maintain 3 meter distance from others.:
    • Municipal, Provincial, or Federal Government officials.
    • Media broadcasters.
  • Persons who are leading a service or ceremony while speaking from a podium, lectern, platform, stage, desk or other standing or seating area dedicated to speaking but only when they are able to maintain 3 meters distance from others
  • Persons playing a woodwind, brass, or other instrument operated by breath, but only if they can maintain a distance of 3 meters from other persons while playing

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