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Executive Pay for Performance

The government, regional health authorities (RHAs) and the Saskatchewan Cancer Agency (SCA) are focused on quality patient care and improving the patient experience. RHA and SCA CEOs and executive staff play a critical role in our health system and are being asked to lead transformational change throughout the health system. The Executive Pay-for-Performance Plan measures and compensates CEOs and vice-presidents for successfully achieve established objectives.

Note: As part of government-wide fiscal restraint measures, the Executive Pay-For-Performance Plan has been suspended for the 2014-15 and 2015-16 fiscal years. Health region CEOs and Vice-Presidents will receive their base rate of pay (100 per cent of their salary) for 2014-15 and 2015-16.

Performance Pay Levels

The Executive Pay-for-Performance Plan is part of a total compensation package that positions Saskatchewan to be able to attract and retain health care leaders who can ensure the delivery of quality health care to the province's residents. The number of performance targets varies between health regions. If performance targets are not met, executives can lose up to 10% of their base salaries. If performance targets are exceeded, executives can earn up to a maximum of 10% additional pay. An executive's final rate of annual pay will be somewhere between 90% and 110% of base salary, determined by his or her specific combination of targets missed, met, and exceeded.

Goal-Setting and Weighting

Performance measures have been chosen to ensure that executives have clear targets in line with provincial health system and regional priorities. The Ministry has established two categories: 40% of the plan value is based on province-wide (system) goals and 20% is based on fiscal responsibility. The Boards and CEO of each RHA/SCA have established three measures: 20% of the plan is based on organizational measures, 10% of the plan is based on the patient satisfaction and 10% of the plan is based on an assessment of executive behaviours or competencies linked to organizational and system values.

Comparisons between Regions/SCA

Executive pay for performance is composed of both system wide measures as well as regional health authority specific organizational measures including patient satisfaction and behaviour measures. While many of the organizational measures would appear to be either the same or similar, the actual tools and the associated metrics used may be different between regional health authorities and as a consequence results will vary. Any comparisons of results need to take this into consideration.

Public Reporting

Each RHA/SCA posted on their websites the Pay for Performance information for each plan member.

Executive Pay-for-Performance Plan

2014-15 Executive Pay-for-Performance Plan: System Measures Targets and Weighting

2013-14 Executive Pay-for-Performance System Measures, Targets and Weighting - Spring 2014
2013-14 Executive Pay-for-Performance System Measures, Targets and Weighting - Spring 2013
2013-14 Executive Pay-for-Performance Plan: CEO Regional Results

2012-13 Executive Pay-for-Performance Plan: Measures, Targets and Weighting
2012-13 Executive Pay-for-Performance Plan: CEO Regional Results

2011-12 Executive Pay-for-Performance System Measures, Targets and Weighting
2011-12 Executive Pay-for-Performance Plan: CEO Regional Results

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