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File Your Provincial Taxes Electronically

The Saskatchewan Ministry of Finance is excited to announce the launch of Saskatchewan eTax Services (SETS), which will be replacing the existing version. The new SETS is being implemented with a phased approach. As we transition, please refer below for both versions of SETS and guidance on which tax types use each. If your tax type is still using the old SETS, stay tuned for information on your transition to the new system!

Saskatchewan Electronic Tax Service (SETS)

(For electronic services related to existing Provincial Sales Tax, Liquor Consumption Tax, Beverage Container Program, and Propane SETS accounts, as well as all Corporation Capital Tax, Insurance Premiums Tax, Farm Fuel Program, and International Fuel Tax Agreement SETS accounts)

NEW Saskatchewan eTax Services (SETS)

(For electronic services related to Fuel Tax, Tobacco Tax, or Education Property Tax as well as new registrations for Provincial Sales Tax, Liquor Consumption Tax, Beverage Container Program, and Propane online services)


1. About SETS

SETS offers a secure, fast, easy, and convenient alternative to filing returns in paper format. Using SETS you may file and pay your provincial tax returns and view your account tax information online.

Bank account information and identification information, such as business name and address, are not accessible or passed over the internet. Data that is accessible through the internet is stored behind a secure firewall and is encrypted.


2. How to Apply for Saskatchewan Electronic Tax Service (Old SETS)

Note: For new SETS registrations for Provincial Sales Tax, Liquor Consumption Tax, Fuel Tax, Tobacco Tax, or Beverage Container Program please contact to receive access to the new Saskatchewan eTax Services system.

This new system will be replacing the legacy SETS and as such all new registrations should use the new system.

There are three levels of services to choose from:

Level 1

If your business has not registered for services offered through SETS, you can still file your return electronically. A unique E-file code is printed at the top of each tax return you receive. Using the E-file Code, you may file your return through SETS. If there is an amount owing, payment can be made by Internet banking, wire transfer, or cheque.

There is no registration required for Level 1 service.

Level 2

You may apply for a unique user ID and password. In addition to filing returns, Level 2 service enables you to view your tax account information online. To register as a Level 2 filer, complete an "Application to E-file Returns and View Tax Information Online."

Level 2 Registration (Note: for PST, LCT, Fuel, Tobacco, or BCP registration please contact to receive access to the new Saskatchewan eTax Services system.)

Level 3

In addition to filing returns and viewing tax account information online, this level of service allows you to make payments and authorize your accountant to file on your behalf. Two application forms for Level 3 service must be completed.

Step 1 – Submit a completed "Application to E-file on Behalf of Another Business." A third party ID number will be issued and is required for the second form.

Step 2 – Submit a completed "Application to E-file Returns and View Tax Information Online."

Submit completed forms to:


Ministry of Finance
Revenue Division
PO Box 200
Regina, SK  S4P 2Z6


Fax: (306) 787-6645

When you register for Level 2 or Level 3 service, you will receive a unique user identification number (user ID) and password. These identifying numbers will be mailed separately, two or three days apart, to the attention of the person identified on the application form. The first time you use SETS you will be required to change the password.

Level 3 Registration

Step 1 – Apply for 3rd Party ID Number

Step 2 – Application to E-file Returns and View Tax Information Online

Account Changes or Updates

Register for E-mail Notification

Sign up to be notified by email that a tax return should be filed.

Account changes to SETS E-file Registration Information

To change from a Level 2 to a level 3 filer, or update your account information.

Third Party Registration

Businesses can also authorize a 3rd party service provider (e.g. accounting firm) to file and/or pay on their behalf.


3. How to Apply for Saskatchewan eTax Services (New SETS)

Applying for SETS can be done online by visiting There is a yellow Sign Up button on the homepage.

For additional guidance on how to sign up, as well as link to your Tax Client(s) and other SETS features, view the "Learn how to use SETS" Quick Link on the SETS homepage.

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