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International Skilled Worker EOI System

Please find the results from the EOI Selection on November 1, 2018 at the bottom of the page.
Please note that the SINP's In-Demand Occupation List was revised on October 11, 2018.

If you are eligible under the Occupations In-Demand or Express Entry sub-categories, you will be able to submit an Expression of Interest (EOI). Submitting an EOI is your first step to applying to the SINP.

What is an International Skilled Worker Expression of Interest (EOI)?

An International Skilled Worker EOI submission is not an application to the SINP.

An International Skilled Worker EOI is a pre-application process which allows candidates to fill in an online form to indicate their interest in applying to the SINP and demonstrate their qualifications.

The information requested is based on SINP criteria and is used to assess your eligibility, and determine whether your submission is entered into the International Skilled Worker EOI system.

Candidates with attributes aligned to the needs of Saskatchewan's labour market and immigration objectives are selected from the International Skilled Worker EOI system. These attributes include connections to the province, work experience, and language proficiency. Those selected from the system are issued an “Invitation to Apply.”

Not all candidates who submit an International Skilled Worker EOI will be invited to apply to the SINP. There are no limits on the number of candidates who can submit an EOI, however, candidates can only have one EOI profile.

For assistance on how to create your EOI profile, please see this EOI OASIS Guide.

How the EOI System Works

If you successfully create and submit an EOI, you will be entered into the EOI pool of eligible candidates.

  • Your profile will be valid for one year from the day you submit it.
  • Candidates can only have one active EOI profile in the system at any time.
  • You will be ranked based on the information you provide in your profile.
  • The highest ranking candidates will regularly be invited to submit a complete application to the SINP. Invitations to Apply are done through Expression of Interest Draws.
  • The SINP uses an electronic system for both the submission of EOIs and applications for nomination and will communicate with you via email. Please ensure that you provide a valid email address.
  • If you are invited to submit an application, you can use the same log-in information you created for your EOI to complete your application for nomination.
  • You must make sure that the information you provide in your EOI is current and accurate at all times. If your situation changes, you must update your profile.
  • If we find that you provided false information or left out important details, your application will be refused.

The SINP reserves the right to limit the intake of EOI. As well, the SINP may limit the selection of EOIs by occupation so that nominees with positive employment prospects in Saskatchewan are selected and applications do not exceed employment demand. For information regarding Saskatchewan's employment demand forecast, please visit our Labour Market Information page.

Expression of Interest diagram

How EOI Candidates Are Ranked

Those who successfully complete an Expression of Interest profile automatically receive a score based on a number of criteria. You can find the criteria for the EOI point score in the SINP point assessment grid.

The SINP’s Expression of Interest selection process will use a sequence that begins by identifying those with the highest point scores. If too many candidates have the same or equal point score to meet the EOI Draw’s desired number of candidates, then further selection criteria will be applied – connections to the province; work experience; and official language ability.  

To select among those with equal scores, candidates with connections to Saskatchewan will be chosen first. These are people who receive points for having a close family relative in Saskatchewan; and/or past work experience in Saskatchewan; and/or past student experience in Saskatchewan. The next selection criterion will prioritize those with the highest number of years of work experience and highest language scores.  

These factors all play a role in your future economic success in Saskatchewan. A goal of the EOI system is to ensure strong economic outcomes and long-term retention in Saskatchewan for those invited to apply.

The criteria can change at any time regarding eligibility or the selection process for EOIs. EOIs that do not meet the criteria will not be selected.

Your Invitation to Apply

As required by the SINP, the EOIs are drawn from the system and those selected receive an Invitation to Apply. The number of invitations issued in each draw is dependent on annual processing targets and employment demands.

If you are invited to apply, your invitation will advise you on what to do next. You will have 60 days to submit a complete online application to the SINP and provide documents that support the information you provided to the SINP in your EOI. 

If you provide false or misleading information in your EOI, it may be considered misrepresentation. Your application could be refused and you may be banned from applying to the SINP for a period of two years.

Your EOI will remain active for one year from the date you originally created it. After it expires, you will have to create a new EOI to still be active in the system.

While your EOI is active, you can continue to update your profile with new information.  For example, you can improve your score and increase your chances of receiving an invitation by:

  • improving your language score by taking additional tests; and/or,
  • gaining more work experience.

After You Receive Your Invitation to Apply

After receiving an invitation to apply to either the Occupations In-Demand or Saskatchewan Express Entry sub-category, you will be required to pay the non-refundable $300 CAD application processing fee. You must login using the same account that you created for your EOI profile to complete and submit your application.

For further information about what documents are needed for your application, please see the category page that corresponds with your Invitation to Apply.

Create an Expression of Interest Profile

EOI Selection Results

Invited Candidates had Educational Credential Assessments.
Date of 
Invitations to Apply
Category Score of Lowest
Ranked Candidate to Apply
Total Candidates
Invited to Apply
August 21, 2018 Express Entry 68  466 Invited Candidates had Educational Credential Assessments.
September 20, 2018 Occupations In-Demand 75  140 Invited Candidates had Educational Credential Assessments.
September 27, 2018 Express Entry 65  225 Invited Candidates had Educational Credential Assessments.
September 27, 2018 Occupations In-Demand 66 213 Invited Candidates had Educational Credential Assessments.
October 10, 2018 Express Entry 60 359 Invited Candidates had Educational Credential Assessments.
October 10, 2018 Occupations In-Demand 63 494 Invited Candidates had Educational Credential Assessments.
November 1, 2018 Express Entry 60 255 Invited Candidates had Educational Credential Assessments.
November 1, 2018 Occupations In-Demand 61 671 Invited Candidates had Educational Credential Assessments.

Please note that the SINP limits the selection of EOIs by occupation by fiscal year so that nominees with positive employment prospects in Saskatchewan are selected and nominations do not exceed employment demand. As a result, in 2018-19 the following occupations have been removed from the SINP In-Demand Occupation List: Engineering Managers; Manufacturing Managers; Utilities Managers; Civil Engineers; Computer Engineers; Software Engineers and Designers; Web Designers and Developers; Landscape and Horticulture Technicians and Specialists; Electronic Service Technicians (household and business equipment); Economists and Economic Policy Researchers and Analysts; Agricultural Representatives, Consultants and Specialists; and Medical Sonographers.  

The size and frequency of EOI Selections will be determined by the needs of the SINP application inventory. To begin with, selections will take place on a monthly basis, at minimum. The dates of the selections will not be posted.

Frequently Asked Questions

To learn more about the EOI system, please visit the FAQs.

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