Receiving and Paying Child Support

Whether you are a claimant (receiving) or payor (paying ), you may register your child support order or agreement with the Ministry of Justice’s Maintenance Enforcement Office (MEO). Support orders from Parents Living Outside Saskatchewan can also be enforced by the MEO. Registration is completely optional.

The MEO:

  • registers support orders and agreements;
  • records and monitors payments; and
  • takes enforcement action when the required payments are missed or late.

Registration helps to ensure that parents do not have to deal directly with one another when it comes to support payments. The MEO can also enforce missed or late payments as well as simply keep track of payments that are made.

The MEO’s purpose is to enforce support payments and does not help with disputes regarding access and visitation issues. The MEO cannot release any personal information on claimants, respondents or dependents. If you make a written request, the MEO will write to the other party to request permission to release information to you.

The MEO is located in Regina and serves the entire province.