Children's Drug Plan

The Children’s Drug Plan is available to all Saskatchewan children 14 and under. 

Families pay a maximum of $20 for drugs listed on the Saskatchewan Formulary and those approved under Exception Drug Status. 

Ask your physician or pharmacist if any of your child’s medications may qualify for Exception Drug Status. Maximum Allowable Cost and Low Cost Alternative policies continue to apply.
• You do not need to apply for the Children’s Drug Plan 
• Children 14 and under are automatically eligible for coverage 
• Your pharmacy will be aware of the coverage through the Drug Plan online network 
• You will not be required to show proof of eligibility

The Children’s Drug Plan does not include children who are covered under federal government programs, such as the federal Non-Insured Health Benefits Program. 

If you already pay less than $20 per prescription for your child … 
You will continue to do so. For example, if your child’s medication is $20 per prescription under the Children’s Drug Plan, but $11 under the Special Support program, you will continue to pay $11 for that prescription.

Children who have coverage under the following programs will continue to receive their prescriptions at no cost: 

• Supplementary Health 
• Family Health Benefits 
• Saskatchewan Aids to Independent Living (SAIL) 
• Palliative care programs
Additional Medications
You will continue to pay full price for any over-the-counter and herbal products and medications that are not listed in the formulary.