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Livestock Traceability Equipment List

Livestock Traceability Equipment List

As of October 1, 2017.

This listing is only to confirm eligibility for rebate. It is not an endorsement of any product.


If you are uncertain of eligibility of items being considered, please contact us at 1-877-874-5365 or by email at In order to assess eligibility, we will require the model name, manufacturer, and supplier contact information for the pieces of equipment you are considering.

  • The lease option applies to upfront, fully paid leases of new items only. A maximum three year lease period applies.
  • Materials, equipment, and/or services must be purchased or leased between February 1, 2013 and February 1, 2018.
  • Items must be for the applicant's own use, and for use within Saskatchewan.

Eligible Equipment


  • Software must be used in conjunction with a reader. If purchasing software separately from a reader, we require proof of a reader i.e. reader has been previously applied for under rebate or documentation showing proof of ownership.
  • Readers and software must have the ability to electronically collect, use, submit and/or download data that enables traceback to/from regional or national traceability databases.
  • Gallagher Animal Performance System
  • HerdMaster Canada (core system, purebred system, commercial system, custom reporter)
  • Data Ltd Farm Works (Shearwell)
  • Lion's Edge Ranch Manager or Cattle Manager
  • Beef Improvement Opportunities Track (BIO Track)
  • Pocket Cow Sense Herd Management Software
  • Pocket Cow Card
  • Cattle Max Herd Management Software
  • CattleMax ID Edition
  • Cattlemax Commercial Edition
  • Cattlemax Registered Edition 
  • CattleXpert Management Software
  • Gateway Livestock Program
  • Select Sheepware Management Program
  • Viewtrack - Beeftrack, Bovitrack, Cattle Medical Systems (CMS), Market Master software, Auction Master Pro
  • Fast EID Standard
  • Cow Calf 5 (University of Nebraska)
  • Trax IT or The Livestock Manager (Merit Trax)
  • Allweigh Feedlot System
  • ITS Global Software including: 
    • StockIT (ITS Global Software)
    • AV Export (ITS Global Software)
    • Cattlebytes with Animal Management (ITS Global Software)
    • Daily Gains with Animal Management (ITS Global Software)
    • AuctionIT (ITS Global Software)
    • FeedIT with Animal Management (ITS Global Software)
  • HerdTrax (Cow/Calf Health Management Services)
  • Dairy Comp (CanWest DHI) - excluding milk meter interface component
  • SSG Fusion


Plus those on the Canadian Cattle Identification Agency's (CCIA) list.

  • Readers and software must have the ability to electronically collect, use, submit and/or download data that enables traceback to/from regional or national traceability databases.
  • Handheld and panel readers listed on the CCIA Conditionally Verified Readers list are eligible for funding. The listing can be found under ‘Tags and Technology' on the CCIA website.
  • Readers on the CCIA list
  • AgriDent Air reader
  • Aleis neck bar reading system FFWNB-9060
  • Allflex RS200
  • Shearwell Workabout Pro
  • Shearwell Psion Pro
  • Syscan RT 3530
  • Syscan LSB and SSB
  • BlueTooth RS 320 Reader purchased from Belinic Manufacturing i.e. Allflex reader with a Trutest headscale
  • Ytex Livetrack BlueTooth reader (same as Syscan Livetrack reader)
  • EDiT iD panel reader (may include antenna, power supply, and multiplexor communication box)
  • Gateway workabout scanner
  • Recon 410S
  • Tru-Test XRS
  • Tru-Test SRS
  • Tru-Test SRS2

Readers in an Integrated Livestock Handling System

Readers integrated into a livestock handling system will be rebated only on the reader portion of the system.  For example, a panel reader integrated into a squeeze chute will receive rebate on the reader portion only.  Reader costs have been identified by the associated suppliers.  Scaleheads may also be eligible depending upon model.  See list of eligible scaleheads below.

  • Shearwell Automatic Drafting Crate with integrated panel reader - contact program administrators for pricing
  • Racewell Superhandler with integrated panel reader and Multiplexor communication box - contact program administrators for pricing
  • Gallagher Sheep Auto Drafter with integrated panel reader with TSI scalehead - contact program administrators for pricing
  • Destron Stationary Head Gate Neck Extender Reader - contact program administrators for pricing

Other reading and tracking devices (including scaleheads with tracking capability)

Applicants may not receive funding for scaleheads under any other program if receiving through the Livestock Traceability Rebate.

  • Gallagher Smart TSI and TSI2
  • TW-3 Livestock Weigh Scale
  • Archer Handheld computer
  • Gallagher SmartScale 500, 600, 610, 700, 800, 810
  • Tru Test XR 3000 - and XR5000 - NOT DR3000
  • Tru Test ID 3000 - and ID5000- NOT DR3000
  • Tru Test EziWeigh 6 and EziWeigh 7- NOT EziWeigh5
  • Trimble Nomad
  • Recon 400X
  • Aleis databox i.e. 9060, 9164
  • Reliable Scales Digital Scale 300LGX-2 and 300LGX-2W - NOT 300LG
  • Reliable Scales Digital Scale 600GSX-2

Related equipment

Related equipment must be submitted at the same time as the rebate claim for reader.

  • Reader carry case
  • Reader carry strap
  • Reader battery pack
  • Reader cable/adapter cable
  • Reader docking station
  • Bluetooth adapters that are clearly part of the reader package
  • Shipping and handling of approved items
  • Head gate antennas e.g. Destron antenna for use with Destron Axiz panel reader
  • Stylus
  • Reader batteries

Ineligible Items 

(Includes but not limited to)

  • Items related to regular repair and maintenance  e.g. replacement batteries
  • Laptops
  • Desktop computers
  • Other handheld computers/PalmPilots/Notebooks or similar devices
  • Phones and smartphones
  • Computer hardware
  • Bluetooth adapters that are not clearly part of the reader package
  • Dataspace e.g. cloud licenses, reader installation and setup
  • Computer installation and setup
  • Software installation and setup
  • Insurance for shipping
  • Brokerage fees
  • Money order charges
  • Credit card fees
  • Loadbars
  • Tags
  • Taggers
  • Taxes
  • Extended warranty
  • Feeding systems
  • Viewtrack Feedlot Solutions software, Feedbunk Solutions software, DT 500 hardware
  • Tru Test EziWeigh 5
  • Tru Test DR3000
  • Reliable Scales Digital Scale 300LG

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