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Industry Organization Development Fund

The Industry Organization Development Fund (IODF) helps Saskatchewan producer associations, commissions and boards address their need for support in the areas of technology transfer, communication and organizational development.

Eligible associations, commissions or boards can apply for funding up to $10,000 per year for qualified projects. Generally, funding will be awarded to projects of one year or less in duration. Exceptions will be considered for projects that require more than one year to complete. Projects must be approved prior to incurring project expenses, as funding is not retroactive. Project selection criteria will include project merit, impact for the organization and industry, and consistency of the proposal with priorities identified in the provincial Growth Plan and the Ministry's Crop Strategy or Livestock Strategy.


1. Guidance

Below is a list of eligible and ineligible expenditures for the IODF program.

Eligible Expenditures

  1. Technology transfer and communications-related activities including:
    1. Conferences, workshops, seminars, symposiums and other information dissemination-type events. Eligible expenditures include speaker fees/honorariums, speaker expenses (meals, accommodations and transportation), advertising and communication materials and facility costs.
    2. Development of new communication and extension tools such as website improvements, social media technology, newsletters, production manuals, training videos and webinars.
  2. Organizational development costs including third-party consultant fees. Examples include leadership training, priority setting, organizational development training, statistical information collection, etc.
  3. Project administration expenses to a maximum of 10 per cent of the total funds requested from IODF for the project. The program is not intended to provide core funding but rather to assist in providing incremental funding for new initiatives. Salaries of existing employees of the association, commission or board are not eligible.
  4. Reasonable travel expenses required to complete the approved project work. The maximum allowable expenditures for transportation, meals and accommodations are outlined under the Public Service Commission (PSC) guidelines in effect at the time the expense was incurred. 
  5. Incremental costs for rental or lease of facilities, equipment or machinery.
  6. Incremental costs of goods and supplies and related shipping or transportation costs.
  7. Capital equipment, up to $300, that is required specifically for the execution of the project and will not be used for multiple purposes beyond the scope of this project.

Ineligible Expenditures

  1. Salaries of existing employees of the association, commission or board are not eligible. If employees are administering the project the maximum eligible expense is 10 per cent of the total requested for the project. The program is not intended to provide core funding but rather to assist in providing incremental funding for new initiatives.
  2. Ineligible costs for technology transfer and communications related activities include participant meal and travel costs relating to the event.
  3. Capital costs more than $300, and purchase of common items that can be used for multiple purposes (e.g. digital cameras, GPS, smartphones, measuring tapes) is not be eligible.
  4. Duplication of existing services or incremental funding for existing programs is not eligible.
  5. Project expenses must be incurred after project approval has been received. Funding for expenses incurred prior to project approval will not be eligible.

2. Eligibility

The Industry Organization Development Fund is designed to provide funding to support not-for-profit associations, commissions and boards incorporated in Saskatchewan whose members are agriculture producers, and who are governed by an agriculture producer-directed board.


3. How To Apply

To apply, please review the eligible and ineligible expenditures outlined above prior to completing the IODF application form.


4. Apply

Download the IODF Application

To ensure no information gets lost, save the IODF application form to your computer and emailed the completed form to


5. Further Information

Application Form Examples

Below are examples to help guide you when filling out the IODF application form.

Project Timelines Example

Please list any relevant milestones, the starting and completion dates, and the expected outcomes. 

Description of Milestones/Activities
Starting Date
Completion Date
Expected Outcomes/Deliverables
Website redesign

Through consultation and planning to redesign association’s website:
-custom Design
-prelaunch testing

Populate and test the website 
Populate the redesigned website and test the functions on both the grower side and consumer side.

Project Budget Example

Please summarize how IODF dollars will be spent. There is no requirement for applicant/collaborator in-kind or cash support to receive IODF funding; however, please identify all contributions (cash and in-kind) support for the project. Please round numbers to the nearest whole dollar.

Project budget estimates must be based on supporting documentation that can be provided upon request. All project expense related information must be kept on file to support expense claims submitted to IODF.

Eligible Expense
(by milestone /activity)

Applicant Contribution ($) (Cash/In-Kind)

Other Contributions ($) (e.g. government, collaborator)

Funds Requested from IODF ($)

Total Funding ($)


Speaker Costs (Travel, Accommodations, Honorarium) 





Website development

Consultant Fees




(Web Updates, Newsletter articles)





Website hosting

In-Kind: $100




Administration (not exceeding 10% of the project total budget)


In-Kind: $1,000



Total Project Funding




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